Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lifes blessings.

Life is continuing on, and we face new opportunities and experiences. Time gives us a chance to heal, but also gives us chances to make new memories everyday.
Sometimes we are even given chances to do the things that we have dreamed of doing. I know that as a young boy, John (my manly husband) and his little brother, would record themselves on a tape recorder acting out parts as if on a news radio show.  John took the part as sports reporter very seriously. One recording exists where Matt turned time over to the sports, John introduced himself saying:  "I am John Perry Russell and I'm black".  I am sure John was not the first boy to ever want to be black.  As a lot of sport-loving boys, they all want to have the gift and skill of sports. Well, John is now living a dream that he wanted to do. (No, I don't mean being black) 
At the begining of last fall, John was a regular caller into the local radio show called "Full court press".  Eric, a host on the show, neighbor, and also a member of our bishopric, asked him to try out for a spot on the show that was opening up.  John took the opportunity, not actually thinking it would work out. After doing a few shows, John was asked to become a permanent voice on Full Court Press. When he approached me with the idea, I could see the sparkle in his eyes.  There is no way I could even think about denying him something like this where he could talk about one of his loves in life... sports!  Not only that, it is a talent he has.
Now he is working 3 jobs!  He still attends City Council and works hard at that as well as his "day job".  One thing is for sure, the radio is his way to unwind and enjoy.  He is on air almost daily, especially since they asked him to do the Post-game shows after the Utah State University basketball games. 
John is the most amazing man I have ever known.  He has had so much to deal with, especially since we got married.  I just know that he is being blessed for being such an understanding husband and father.  He has learned patience dealing with me and my craziness of ups and such low lows.  Depression and anxiety has ruled my life so much these last six months, I am amazed he has stood next to me and loved me none the less.  He truly is a man with love, patience and understanding.
We joke about ESPN calling and offering a permanent spot, which I am sure he would grab, but in my heart I know he will be happy with what he is given here, a place where we have been blessed so much and have grown solid roots in the ground.  I guess all those years ago (when I was 16), driving through this Valley and thinking... I want to raise my children here... wasn't just a coincidence.  I felt it then.  Cache Valley, Utah, is now our home.  Not sure I will ever want to leave!!