Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back from Camp.

Aaron and Marcus made it through the week and are so glad to be back in their own beds. Although I think Marcus would have liked to stay longer. I heard the food there was awesome, matresses, showers, the works... oh, and GIRLS! I heard that the nurses were "hot" and that Marcus looked forward to go to the infirmary to get his meds every night. Yeah, I don't think forgetting his pills was a problem! haha. He did say that camp was AWESOME and he has to go next year for sure! He came home singing camp songs, had some arts and crafts he had made, and told me about the pranks they and the girls did to each others cabins. Of course he had to tell me all about them over and over again. ( I find that when he is excited about something, he has a hard time focusing on how many times he repeats himself.) He admitted to me that while they were playing basketball that the ball bounced off the metal backboard and hit him in the head (in the part where his skull was cut), but said he felt nothing and that he felt fine. He said he did have one incident where he stormed off when they were playing some games, but a friend there made an effort to go over and calm him down. So, I guess he is OK. After a week of Marcus being gone, I was so used to the "stress-free" zone I was in. Marcus came home anxious to play with his younger brothers, to my surprise. That was great until today when they were playing Game Cube so great then... BAM... Marcus smacks Jackson for something dumb like not playing the game "right". (SIGH) Times like these, I just know he really is trying to be nice then he just snaps.

Aaron had a great time, even though he came home with cuts, scrapes, bruises from games, hikes, and just being Aaron. He has grown up so much! He is over an inch taller than me and I have had to buy MENS clothes for him now! EEEKKK!! He needs to get a job to pay for all of the stuff he wants, too bad he's the not the one who is 17. He came home pretty stinky, dirty, tired but worn out from FUN. He has really blossomed into a fine-looking boy, full of mischief, and of course, a great sense of humor. He has made so many friends, it is so great to see him so full of life. I love to watch him, he reminds me of myself at that age, a little. He is a little more outgoing, but I sure got silly and knew how to have a good time. I made sure it was a good time. Aaron has finally gotten to that point through all this crap he has had to deal with, and I am so happy for him. He is determined to have fun, no matter what and that is important.

Aaron leaves for New York (Chautauqua) on tuesday, and his birthday is on Saturday! I can't believe that I am not going to be with him to light fireworks with him on his B-day! He will be gone until the 15th, spending time with Grand-Pop and Ali. He is looking forward to some bonding with them and some good fishing! I am sure they will keep him pretty busy, I sure am jealous! I really hate to see him leave again, but he will have a great time, I am sure.

P.S. Kung-Fu Panda was Awesome! SKUDOOSH! The boys all loved it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Going to Camp!

Tomorrow, June 22nd, both Marcus and Aaron will be going to two different camps. They (ehem...I mean "I") have been packing their stuff and getting them ready to go off for a week. I am REALLY looking forward to this week, well... for their benefit. wink wink.
Aaron will be going to a BSA, Scout camp located in Idaho called Camp Bartlett. This is some serious camping where he has to hike taking everything in one backpack, including his bedroll and sleeping bag. This will be his last year going, so he and his friends are planning some little pranks to pull on the poor little "newbies". Don't worry, a little shaving cream goes a long way with teen boys.
Marcus is going to a wonderful camp for Teens with Cancer, called Camp Hobe. If you click on the link, there is a video you can view of what it is. It looks like an awesome place that helps kids connect and feel accepted. Aaron was also invited to this camp, but decided that this is his last year at Scout Camp, so he has to go. Next year they will both be able to go to Camp Hobe. They are able to go 2 camping seasons after their last treatment and up to age 19. I hope this is what Marcus needs to go on and try to let go of all the bad stuff he has been hanging on to.
So, this week should be fun for the 2 little boys and I. We have a few things planned like going to see Kung-Fu Panda, going on a little hike, and having our own "camp out" in the living room. It will be a new experience for me to have just 2 little ones around again. It will be a nice little break from the stresses of the TEENS. Especially since the whole "girl things" are starting! (sigh) I stand by my lifetime assessment of girls... girls are mean, manipulative, and just down right cruel! Especially when we are dealing with Marcus, who emotionally is 12 or 13, so that is who he attracts. Anyway, that is a WHOLE different story! So we start the summer fun of CAMP!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Marcus turned 17! Wow...I can't believe he and I both made it this far! Especially with that new "do" of his. He has been wanting to cut his hair so I took him on his birthday and this is what he comes home with! Thanks Jenni! Just what are cousins for anyway? JK... He wanted to get a rise out of me, but I told him it looked great and smiled! My teeth were clenched shut, but I smiled big! This is called a "Fo-hawk". I have no idea why, but all I know is that is resembles a mo-hawk just a lot smaller. If it makes him happy, then I am too! He is a Goofy-Goober, but thats what I have missed about him for the last 8 months or so. He hasn't been the silly goofball he used to be lately, and it has been so nice to see him smile a little more and play with his brothers. He still can't find the patience for Jackson yet, but that will come with time I am sure. Maybe by the time he leaves on a mission???? Who knows. Jackson is hard to deal with at times, especially if you aren't very tolerant of noise or confusion. That is just what comes with the Jaxman.
As for Marcus, he went to the Dr. last week and they added another medicine that seems to be helping the most. Best of all, it helps him SLEEP! (clapping). He has had a hard time staying asleep and this really seems to be the answer. At first he was groggy in the morning, but now that his body is getting used to it, he is doing a lot better. He has only had one incident where he threw some ice, but other than that, the last week has been better... (knocking on wood).

Ok... I HAVE to throw in a story about Jackson. Yesterday while John was trying to make Jackson get dressed for church, Jackson told John "I wish I had fur". John thought that was odd so he asked him why. Jackson then replied.."so I wouldn't have to get dressed, I could just wear my fur everywhere". We cracked up. Leave it to Jackson to come up with an alternative!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Thursday was a great day because John got free, yes FREE passes for the entire family to go to Lagoon this weekend. Thursday was the only day that looked like it would be "less rain" than the rest of the week and we were right. The boys were so excited and so was I because we hadn't been to Lagoon in a few years. It also was the first time our whole family went to a Theme Park with NO STROLLER!!! WoW!!! That was so great not to have to lug everything around, and having to have someone "sit" with our stuff. But that also meant that I left everything at home... including MY CAMERA!!!! UUUUUGGGHHH! What was I thinking? I even had a clip on case that I could have strapped it on me during rides. (smacking myself on the forehead). So next time we will be a little more prepared!
This is a picture of the only roller coaster I was brave enough to get on, except for "puff" the kiddie roller coaster that I had to ride on with Jackson. (That is the only time I was so glad I didn't have the camera) This ride is called "the Bat". Yes, it is a ride similar to the batman, but not as long nor as fun, I hear. Noah loved it! He and Aaron rode that thing a lot. I liked it because it didn't go straight down going 60 miles an hour, it didn't go around and around, AND it didn't go upsidedown. That is my criteria for going on a ride, and if it has all 3, then I won't even look at it for fear I will "ralph" all over the place. I know I am old because 20 years ago, if one of my friends had just said the right words, like "I double-dog-dare-ya" I would have gone on every stinkin' spinning, dropping, swooping, looping, barf-inducing ride there. Yes, before the days of children, I was the one that had to prove that I was just as tough as the boys when it came to stuff like this, even though deep down inside I wanna to run and find the nearest place to crawl into. I remember as a kid (maybe age 9)my Dad putting me on those crazy rides (in MEXICO, no less) all by myself because I wanted to go on them so bad. My Mom had to walk away, I think. I am sure I was pretty sick after that, but I loved it. Thanks Dad! I guess thats why ridding the dirt bike was so relaxing to me later on!
This monster is THE WICKED! Marcus has wanted to ride that thing since we were driving to Salt Lake all the time and he was able to watch it go up. But because of his head still recovering from surgery, last summer he wasn't able to ride it. This year John promised him that he would go on it with him! Boy I think John learned his lesson! This ride propels/shoots you like a rocket up this 90 degree track and then, of course you come straight down (thanks to gravity)at the same 90 degree angle. John said he would be having nightmares of this thing for the rest of the week. He said when you start to drop, it seems like it just drops forever. Marcus said, and I quote.."I have never ever heard my Dad scream like a girl until now, he screamed all the way down and around the rest of the ride." Too bad I missed it, but you couldn't have "double-dog-dared" me enough to go on that thing! John even worked his way up to the wicked by riding the other pretty crazy rides first, but I still couldn't get him on the big Ferris wheel. GO FIGURE!
Since the trip to Arizona was supposed to be this weekend, I guess this sorta made up for it. Marcus wasn't able to fly aerobatics in a plane, but he was able to go on a few roller coasters with his brothers and his Dad. Aaron really hadn't been on any "real" roller coasters, but this year he sure enjoyed them. I think next time he will be ready to go on the wicked with Marcus. Well.... MAYBE... depends on who is with him. Peer pressure is an awful thing.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Jackson finishes Kindergarten!!

Here is a little brief synopsis of Jacksons year of Kindergarten. This picture is Jackson on his first day of school. What a smile. I can only imagine what is going through that head of his. I imagine he is planning his first escape. Little does "Miss Melanie" know who has just entered her doors.
He did think he could come and go as he pleased. He really liked going on little walks, or going to get water and to the restroom without letting anyone know. One day he went to school with pink-eye (yeah, I know... what a GREAT MOM). Miss Melanie sent him to the office to call me or John and let us know that we need to pick him up. After about 15 minutes Jackson comes back in and announces... "my pink eye is gone". Come to find out he just went on a little "walk about" and never made it to the Office.
This is Jackson on Valentines day. What a "playa"!! Not just one girl on the holiday of Love, but 2 tall girls... one blonde, one brunette.. gotta have have it all. The look on his face says it all.
I am just kidding. I love these little girls. Kali is the brunette and her family is awesome. I am glad Jackson can have both girl and boy friends. Just hope he doesn't get involved with girls too soon!!!! I don't want to think about that now!!! SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!
These last 2 pictures are of one of their last field trips to a local dairy. I just love the faces that Jackson has in these pictures. Especially the one with him on the bus. Too cute.

What a booger!!! I just love this age. How sad that he is in the first grade now...... (cough, cough) there, I am over it... YIPPPEEE he is in first grade!