Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Tunes.

My writing has really taken off.  I have kicked off my shoes and dove right in!  The Teen/Young Adult genre is where it all started, and where my heart is.  I have been searching through Goodreads.  What a great place!  It is where I have found some great books to read, but also some great Authors who have lead me to their blogs and websites.  From there, I find out so much more about writing.  A lot of them use music to help them write, so I have tried this little trick and let me tell you....   fell headfirst into my zone!  So today I thought I would share a few songs that have me groovin'!

1.  I Just Wanna Run by The Downtown Fiction... Ironic, right?? 

2. Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum

Higher by Taio Cruz

Just some insight on what I MAY be writing about!!  HMMM!  Have I got your interest yet?  Maybe next time I will put some other tunes on here to maybe give a little more hints!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh yes, OH YES!  It is that time of year... FINALLY! 
What can I say?  I am a complete sucker for this series! Even though Breaking Dawn was not the best book, the movie MAY be the best Twilight series Movie. 
Oh, and here is another picture I found...

OOOO... Bella the Vampire!  She is looking pretty scary!

For the trailer of this movie and my "oh so subtle" thoughts about Jacob and Edward check out my other blog... my bloggings about my obession with Young Adult Books!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

I miss my batman.
Found this from a fellow Childhood Cancer Mom.  It hit my heart, my soul.  I saw my Marcus in his batman cape, at age 5, jumping off couches, chairs, zooming through our house.  I saw him in the grocery store, spreading his cape out as he ran through the isles, using his grand imagination of saving people from bad guys, being the hero by taking on the risks of stepping in to save others. 

Stubbornly he fought to keep his mask and cape securely on, didn't want his identity revealed. He had to wear it night and day, no matter where we were going.  To his cousins house, to department stores, play groups, and even tried to wear it to church.  What a battle it was when I had to put my foot down and demand that church was not a place where batman would have to protect others, that God would do that for him. That calmed him and he understood a little more.

As my batman grew, he outgrew the mask and cape but still loved the idea of an unknown masked man saving others, still secretly wanting to be him.

Cancer found my sweet batman, and he took it on with a mighty fight.  I suddenly felt protective of my boy, felt that he needed a side kick to get him through.  Who would protect the hero from something fighting him from inside?  There weren't many options, but together we fought as best we could.  He stood strong and fought so hard, I felt so small, not much of a side kick, more like a cheer squad, until.... The cancer reared its ugly head and took on a last battle using all its weapons.  Batman was taken over by the nasty thing that fought him from inside. When I asked him during his final weeks "What do you want the world to know about Marcus?"  With a sweet chagrin on his swollen face he replied "I am the Dark Knight, I am Batman".  No cape, no mask did he don, he showed his true identity. He wanted the world to know, he was the one who was taking on the bad guy and saving others.

Now he can be the hero, saving others here on earth, while his identity is hidden.  I feel him next to me so often, I feel that Wonder Woman outfit, wanting to put it on again, but it is a painful.  I feel his encouragement and slowly I am getting back on my feet to help him save the world, well.... at least our family.  How proud I am to have batman in my life. 

Now... to work on Robin ( Aaron) and the Wonder Twins (Noah and Jackson)!  Batman is their sidekick they surely know.     

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Remember the 80's? Remember doing the Jane Fonda Workout?  My mom and I did this every morning during the summer.  I was a cheerleader and thought it kept me in good shape in preperation for the school year.  I even used part of it as a warm up with my squad.  Those were the days!  Awww, to be young, skinny, and flexible again!  I do remember taking an oath, almost daily back then, that I would NEVER EVER gain weight.  I would always workout and keep myself thin.

HA!!!  Little did I know what each pregnancy, each child, would do to me physically, mentally, and especially emotionally.  When you are an emotional eater such as I, that pretty much is all I have done is eat to make up for the emotional stress that has come from 4 boys!  Not to mention the whole "cancer journey" and grief added on a TON of weight as well.

Not sure where my little sister got her genes from, but she doesn't eat when she is distraught. She works out and keeps herself busy, therefore burning more calories.  So jealous of that!  I get depressed and find some chocolate of any kind, but preferably BLUE BIRD Chocolates that are handmade here in our little Cache Valley.  Somehow, nibbling on those oober-rich, soft, sweet morsels and letting each bite melt between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, actually melts away my sorrows.  It is quite an experience.  Too bad it has such horrible side effects... such as an expanding waistline... I haven't seen mine in quite a few years... sigh.

So back to my main thought... Oh look , something shiny!!... Oh yeah, I was going somewhere with this.  Ummm... Oh right!  I WENT TO THE GYM TODAY!   I also took a nice walk with John yesterday.  So hopefully this is my start (again)to getting my life back.

 Here is my new motto:  "I am either going to die young or kill myself trying not to!"

It's all in the fight!  So here we go.  Jane Fonda... eat your heart out!!