Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am soooo sorry!

I should know better than to "vent" at 2:00 in the morning, when I am soooo tired and my depression and anxiety have the best of me.

This morning I opened up an email from someone that I have known and admired since I was young. She was inspired to read my blog this morning and read my last entry that was by far a very low moment. She sent me a beautiful email full of love, and caring encouragement. I am so grateful for her kind and loving words that made my heart fill with peace and renew my Faith in the Lord. I want her to know how thankful I am for her. God sent her to give me the peace and a reminder that I can receive strength through him.

I really am grateful for being blessed enough to have such special children. I am thankful to have Marcus as my son and he will always be my son for eternity. He has made it and doesn't have to deal with this cruel world, and especially his cancer. He has a mission to do and I know that he is watching over us. I am thankful that he was able to be there for Aaron and continues to watch over each of us.

I am thankful that no one has been seriously injured throughout all of this. These are just small bumps in the road compared to the eternal perspective. " I am not yet as Job, and do not suffer as he suffered". I have 3 boys here with me who I love and adore. They are my life and I will enjoy every moment I have with them. I am also so thankful for my dear, sweet, never failing husband John. He has such patience with me and my emotional rollercoaster. He keeps things going when I dig a hole and bury my head every now and again. He is a great father and provider. He never thinks of himself first and stands up for what he believes is right. I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful man.

MY HOUSE, I am ever so thankful for being able to buy this home that I love and that holds so many precious memories of our family. A place where I love the people around me. How thankful I am for the loving neighbors and friends that help me and support me. They think of me often and show what Charity really is.

My Mom. How I am so ever grateful for HER! She is amazing!! She held me up during the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life... watch my son die. She didn't have to be here, but she chose to, to be here to not only watch her grandson die, but watch her daughter endure the pain of losing her child. I will be eternally grateful to her for that and for my Dad. He let her go and leave him behind. Thanks Dad for being so unselfish to let her come here, time after time in my times of need.

This is getting long, but I have to mention my gratitude for my siblings. Each one of them gives me so much strength in their own way. The Lord knew what he was doing when he created families.

So there is my "UN_VENT" as you can see, my perspective has changed since yesterday. Thanks to a dear loving person who took the time to listen to the promptings and to write me a simple email. The Lord answers our prayers in so many ways!!! May God Bless you!!

A little female "VENT"

Today I feel alone in a house will all boys and a couple of Men. There have been a few experiences in our household that have been centered around Aaron. Some of you may have heard about them, some have not, so I will just mention them.
1) Aaron was influenced strongly by peer pressure and a Leader to let him shave his head. That ended up with many tears and a whole issue he hadn't planned on. Remembering the last time he shaved his head for his brother.
2) Aaron went with the Scouts shooting. One boy's double barrel shot gun wouldn't open so he decided to pull it up over his head to shoot it, but didn't think to take his finger off the trigger. As he began to pull it up, it went off making a huge hole in the ground at Aaron's feet...which sprayed shrapnel up on Aaron leaving welts and sores on his legs, stomach and arms. The leaders there were frightened and swear that someone (not visible to the human eye) held down that gun so that it didn't hit Aaron at point blank. THANK YOU MARCUS!
3) Aaron got bursitis in his knee and has been on steroids and antibiotics. If that doesn't help, then he might have to have surgery.
4) Friday night, the Scouts (yes, I let him go with them again!) went on a over-night camp out and rode horses the next morning. John (yes, my husband) went up early this morning to attend and have some fun. They come home and John is limping. Come to find out, 2 other LEADERS plus John are thrown from horses... not just once but twice and with John 3 TIMES! One of the other leaders ended up with at least 3 broken ribs, maybe 5... the other ended up with stitches by his eye. John landed on his back and side... he has a bad back as it is... I am scared to death what he going to be like tomorrow. I am afraid he really hurt himself, he just isn't showing it. Aaron also fell off his horse somehow, and says his chest must have hit the horn of the saddle, so now that hurts.

I have to mention that on May 11th, I took a leisurely stroll on my neighbors motor scooter, took a turn too wide and stuck out my leg which hyper-extended it which tore my ACL. That is the tendon that holds the knee together. So the 4th of June, I will be going in to schedule my surgery... MAYBE. Depends on who I will have to take care of .. either John or Aaron.

I really am angry right now. Here it is 2:13 in the morning and I can't sleep!! WHY? Because I (yes, me!!) am over reacting!!! I know nothing serious has come of any of this, but my nerves are completely shot! I told both of them not to go, and I am the one who isn't reasonable! You know that instinct that Mothers have, well my instinct is on OVERLOAD and I know when crap is way too close. I have had it!! Graduation is Tuesday, where they are supposed to give us and honorary diploma for Marcus!! I barely made it through the Band Banquet where they gave a beautiful tribute to him.. Memorial Day, and his birthday is June 14th. Aaron is supposed to go on a Trek to Wyoming with other youth on the 10th through the 13th of June. John and I were supposed to go with the youth, but can't because of my knee. I AM TIRED!! I can't take any more.... my nerves are so shot, I really don't know if I can really let anyone out the door of my house. I lost one, I can't survive losing anyone else. I hate that I am told by John and Aaron that I "just worry too much" or that I am "being over protective"... I am sorry. What am I supposed to do? I lost Marcus and I had no control over that, why couldn't it happen to anyone else? It obviosly has come very close!!!

I am so sorry for the rambling and venting, I guess tonight is when my Dr.'s prescription is going to have to help me unwind and sleep. I have worked myself up all day. Thanks for listening... YES, I AM JUST WALLOWING.... I know it could be worse.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tree in Honor of Marcus

The Mountain Crest High School class of 2009, donated this tree in Honor of Marcus. What a beautiful tree for such a beautiful gesture. I am so proud of these kids who have thought of Marcus through out the school year and wanted to honor him in some way. This is a Flowering Pear tree, that does not produce much of a fruit. It blossoms in the spring, grows green leaves and in the fall turns a beautiful red/gold color. I look forward to that, because fall is a very difficult time. I have never liked October, now I don't like it even more, but I think this will give me something to look forward to as the seasons change.

Today my boys planted that tree in our front yard. We had thought about putting it in the back, but decided that it belonged where everyone could see it, enjoy it, but most of all remember Marcus.


Tulips and lilacs are signs of Spring. Unfortunately they both came out late this year. We usually have them in full bloom by Noah's birthday which is April 28th. This year we had lots of cold weather and we fell behind in the weather by almost 6 weeks. My tulips are pretty much the only flowers I have planted in my front yard, so they are pretty much gone by May. Sometime I will find something else that will bloom just as big in the summer.

Aaron and Stella our kitty. Stella has really taken a liking to the outdoors and has made a few friends outside, except for the dogs!

Yes, this is a picture of myself and my Stella. She has been such a great comfort to me through out all of this. She knows when I need a good cuddle and follows me around the house. I have come to love and appreciate so many things in this world. I know that God made many things so beautiful and loving to make us happy and feel joy while we are here on earth. Grieving through the long winter has taught me to look forward to the days of spring and the signs of hope that surround me. It all is a lesson of the way I can look forward to the next life where I will hold my sweet boy Marcus again.

Noah's "all boy" party.

Crazy boys! Noah's birthday was April 28th, but since I went to Women's Conference right after that, we postponed Noah's party. He decided that he needed to do an "ALL GUYS" evening. Bowling is one of the things he really likes to do, so we planned it at Logan Lanes. He invited his "bro's" and we got things rolling. Unfortunately, this time of year is sooooo hard to get around everyone's schedules with Soccer and Baseball going on. It's tough, so I know there were a few who didn't make it.
Noah did really well and beat everyone except for his Dad, of course. So now my Noah is 10 years old! The big double digits!!! I think I felt a lot more gray hair grow in just now.
Noah is taking piano lessons and doing well. He just ran the Wellsville Mile where a few hundred 4th graders ran and he came in 13th overall. He did a great job!! He is my big sports nut! Football is what he wants to play the most, but he is so small, I have hesitated to put him in. Maybe this fall I will let him. He is very athleticly minded, so I am hoping that means he will know how to get away from the big bad guys who can run him over and hurt him!!
I am very proud of him. Noah has always been my peacemaker and one who will always befriend the new kids

He is a good big brother and takes Jackson with him everywhere he goes. If any of his friends don't want to play with Jackson, then he will leave with Jackson and not play with them. He is an amazing child.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Noah's Piano recital.

Ok, I have been quite the slacker when it comes to updating.
Noah's very first piano recital was the 20th of April. He memorized it so quickly, I was very impressed. He is such a good boy and loves to play. Of course he wants to hurry and get to the fun songs, but all in all, he is doing well. I know I should work on getting him to practice more and on a better schedule, but he really likes to play.
Last sunday, 2 young men in our ward at church played a piano duet. His eyes lit up! I leaned over and said, "if you keep practicing hard, someday you and I could play a duet". He just BEAMED! He liked that idea. So maybe I can keep reminding him of our duet and That will motivate him to practice more.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Women's Conference

Every year, the Relief Society along with Brigham Young University put together a conference, or like a retreat for only women. This was my first experience going and I went with my dear friend, Julie Earl. We had so much fun. We stayed in the dorms, where the freshmen boys live when school is in session, so when we walked into the bathroom and saw urinals, it felt really strange. So we had to take a picture of us standing by one. How often do you get a chance to see those??
Anyway, the sessions were amazing and I learned so much. I guess it wasn't quite learning, it was more of feeling. What an amazing opportunity to sit with over 18,000 women from all over the country, (most I think were from utah) and listen, learn and feel each others spirits and support. A lot of families have little reunions there with Mothers, Grandmothers, daughters, old college friends, neighbors. We heard a lot of squeals in the halls as women would run into someone they hadn't seen in a long time.
One night they put on a concert and it was soooo amazing!! Brian Asher, and a few others from the "Reflections of Christ" display, performed "Come thou Fount of Every Blessing"... Yes I cried. Eclipse an acapella group sang some fun music, a woman on the violin played some beautiful movie songs and one of my favorite was Hilary Weeks. She is so cute, lively and so amazing with her songwriting and vocals. She has a new album and new song called "If I only had today". What a beautiful song! I almost sobbed, but it really was amazing.
The next day we were able to hear from the General R.S. president, Julie Beck. She doesn't hold anything back and tells it like it is. One thing that stood out in my mind is that she told us that we shouldn't sit back and be a victim to pornography. We need to stand up and fight! Fight for our homes to be a safe haven and fight to keep evil out. It was just a great talk. Then that afternoon we heard from L. Tom Perry, one of the council of the 12 in the Church. What a privilege to hear from him and feel his presence there. It was an amazing few days and exactly what I needed.