Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My new hobby!

"When a door is shut, the Lord always opens a window."  Ok, so I don't know the exact quote, nor who said it, but this has been going through my mind a lot lately.  I have been blessed in many different ways since the passing of  my son, Marcus.  When everything seemed to be at the worst, and despair was creeping in, I was given something I had never had before.

My whole life before that moment, I never had the patience nor the desire to pick up a book and read, much less finish it and enjoy it.  Ask any of my school teachers, especially Mrs. Nielsen,(my English teacher throughout High School) they will verify I was never interested, nor did I have the focus necessary to read anything longer than a paragraph.

Who would think that something as simple as a book would change my life?  I have to admit it was "Twilight by Stephanie Meyer" that first took me away from the deep abyss that I teetered on the edge of, daily.   I was able to escape from the reality of what I faced, it kept me sane enough to take care of my son, help him get through his last days of life. Now, I can't wait for a new book just as soon as I finish another.  It's like I can't get enough words, stories, fantasies and new worlds.

This new obsession of mine turned into another one.  I began to find others who loved the same books I did, and many of them would constantly ask me what they should read next.  It finally dawned on my that I could start a new blog, where I could post my favorite books and write my review so that others I knew could just check there when they wanted to know what I was reading.  One thing leading to the next, I found other bloggers who had fun book review blogs with the same type of books.  It has been a lot of fun expanding my knowledge of books, but also of the world of blogging.

Now, I am happy to announce that I have just received my first "Review Request" from an Indie Author.  What that means is, an author (Indie meaning "self-published") requested that I review his book on my blog!  This is a huge new step for me and I can't help but hope this turns into something bigger.  I could be reading books that I love for free and reviewing them for others.  This really can't be accidental.  Doing something like this hasn't been a goal or a dream of mine, but it has just sort of happened, but now I can set some goals and make it something bigger.

Your part: So, I am asking a huge favor!  If you could go to my book blog at and "follow" it by signing up in the GFC.. Google Friends Connect or by Networked Blogs, it would really help!  The more followers I have, the more likely I will get more and more Review Requests.  Please help me reach new goals!!  THANKS!