Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Here I have promised myself to cheer up, put on a smile, get into the Christmas Spirit. For some reason it really has been hard to get myself there, and I am sure its cause of Chloe for one reason. She is still in the hospital and her mom is at home about to give birth. I can't imagine all this going on especially during Christmas time. Stacie will be induced on the 22nd, and hopefully get their little baby boy here.
We have some neighbors who live a block away from us whom we really don't know real well, but Marcus and Aaron know their oldest daughters. Anyway, day before yesterday their 11 yr-old daughter was diagnosed with a..... BRAIN TUMOR! Hers is located between 2 lobes and is sitting on a major artery. They did surgery today to try and take out what they could. When Julie, our neighbor called and told me (she is the R. S. president in their ward) I was dumbfounded! All the feelings came rushing back and the nightmare was real again. I just want to run over to their house and hug every one of those kids. Oh how I wish NO-ONE would have to hear those words or feel that stab in the stomach. That night John and I sat in the dark, just staring at our Christmas Tree not even speaking to each other, but yet knowing what the other was thinking. John finally said... I never knew life could be this hard.

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Nancy said...

Oh wow... my heart goes out to those families and to you too, of course. So did Chloe's mom have the baby? Today is the 23rd so I hope she did and that she and the baby are both healthy.

My friend, Jenn's daughter, Paige, is still in PICU waiting to see if her body can heal enough for her to be listed for a heart transplant. Paige has been in the PICU since September! She has suffered a brain damage and is not well. Her brother is staying with grandmparents in their home towy - 4 hours away from the hospital! The kids and I sent a few things in a care package to (hopefully) cheer them up a bit.

(((((((hugs))))))))) to you.