Saturday, November 15, 2008

On a good ...."NOTE"

As I write this, my cute little Aaron is in Salt Lake with the Band performing on national television (well, sort of) during 1/2 time of the professional Soccer team "REAL Salt Lake" soccer game. It is soooo cold! But I am sooooooooo proud of my Aaron. He is such a sweet, caring, talented, adorable young man. He has been my "little ray of sunshine" throughout all of this. He hates it when I say that, but he is. That smile just gives my heart a leap of joy.
He has had his way of dealing with things the last few weeks with headaches, migraines, tention, sinus infection, upset stomach and has missed a lot of school. Unfortunately he gets all that from me. I am the anxiety queen! He has had this since he was a baby. He was my colic baby, and if we left home at all he cried and cried. As a toddler he would throw up if people came to visit or if we traveled anywhere. I think he has vomited on every relative we know! (Sorry to embarass you Aaron, but thats what moms do!) He has been in the background of Marcus' trial, but has been the backbone of our family. He takes over when he has to and takes good care of his brothers. I remember when Marcus was diagnosed. We went home, told the boys, packed the 3 of them up and shipped them to a neighbors house. It broke my heart to leave Aaron, knowing he fully understood what was happening, but to kiss him goodbye to take Marcus to Salt Lake, I almost felt like I was choosing between my children. I will never forget what impact that must have had on him.
The Lord gave me Aaron, to lighten my up my load, to shine a light on my darkness, and to keep me laughing when I want to cry. I have been so blessed to have all my boys, but Aaron has been such a comfort in my life. I know the Lord loves me because of the children he sent me, what a blessing.


Anonymous said...

It's me again the gal from MD to say you are truly blessed with such a wonderful son. I too get the same way both of you get with anything going on in my life as well. Somehow I fell connected to you through the Lord. I go to your site everyday just to check in and see how you and your family are doing. My middle son lives in Salt Lake and I talked to him last night and he was going to that soccer game. Sons are wonderful support for moms. God bless you and keep you in care.

Karen said...

Sandy?...right? Thanks for your tender thoughts and support. I am grateful for that connection you feel toward me and my family. It is amazing what the Lord can do for us through others. Thanks for being one of those people.

Alice said...

awww Karen - (sniff) You are so blessed- but they too are sooo blessed to have you for their mom. Yes Marcus and the other boys are special spirits, but you truly are a special one yourself!! Always love to read your remarks.. you amaze me! lil sis- Alice

Susan said...

Aaron, I am glad you are such a support and blessing to your Mom. I think you all live in one very special family!

alligood said...

What a beautiful post! Your boys are lucky to have you as their mother.

Shauna McDaniel said...

Hey Karen,
Hope you are doing ok. That was a really nice tribute to Aaron, but I have to agree with Alice. They are blessed to have you as their mom.
I sent you a package today. Hope you like it!

Linda, Brad and they're driving us mad said...

Love the blog Karen. Aaron is a crazy individual, that is for sure. He makes me laugh. He is going to be heart throb if not already. Take care of yourself and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Mrs. Strawberry

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the commnets that have been made here. Aaron is a special young man and I'm very proud of him too. I'm also very proud of you, my dear daughter, you're a great mother of all your boys and a wonderful wife too. I'm proud to have you as my daughter. I love you. MOM