Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon...

Dealing with life and everything that it has given me, there is a place where I can get away and not think about the "real world". Ever since Marcus' cancer recurred, I dove into the Twilight books with all my heart so I could get away from the heart ache that I was facing. ME!! The person who NEVER read a book longer than 200 pages in my life!! I read 4 books, back to back. It was so strange for me to do something like READING, but to read about Vampires, and werewolves was even crazier! Life in the Twilight fantasy world got me through the worst year of my life! Even now when there are times when I can't handle the pain, I get out these books and they make me smile. So if there were some way I could Thank Stephenie Meyer, I would! She kept me somewhat sane.
The movie Twilight came out in November of 2008, and it was, to me, very disapointing! I really didn't think that the story was even told! I feel bad that it was such a bomb in my eyes and was afraid that if they didn't do something different, I would not see New Moon. Edward to me, could have been better cast! He looks so pained all the time and I feel like he has no personality in the first movie.
New Moon Pictures

Redeaming itself. That's how I felt when I saw the trailers to New Moon. It was painful to wait for the movie to come out... not even sure why. I have NEVER been so crazy about anything in my life! LOVED IT!! Wow... The graphics of Jacob changing into a wolf made the whole movie! I have always loved Jacob in the books, but Taylor Lautner really brought him to life. Still disturbed by the actor who plays Edward (I don't even know his name, stubborn... aren't I?) with way too much lipstick and looking like he needs to go to the bathroom when he kisses Bella... (I know, I have issues), this movie exceeded my expectations!!
So I have to confess... I have fallen in love with a dumb series that involves Vampires and Werewolves... haha. It must be a mid-life crisis thing... or maybe just a "life crisis" thing that keeps me from really falling in with the CRAZIES! Well... maybe it's because I can relate a little to Bella's situation? Maybe we all can? Choosing what is best for us versus choosing what we want and desire can bring us a lot of heartache and turmoil.

One more thing... is it wrong for a woman in her 40's to have a photo of Jacob (a minor), shirtless, on the background of her phone? Have I completely lost my mind?? John and my 15-yr-old (I won't mention his name to save him from shame) think I need to be in a padded room for a while... Maybe that wouldn't be so bad.


Katherine said...

I am proud of YOU!!!! READING!!! :)
I think it is good that you have found something that gives you a place to park your emotions and forget about real life when it is overwhelming. Everyone has a way to escape...some are less destructive than others...some people drink, some party, some watch soap operas, some read, and some of us who have always read go to nursing school. :) Going back to school to become an RN was something I have wanted to do for over 20 years, and it gave me a reason to get up in the mornings when I was sinking into a pit of depression as well. Last year was really hard for you, this year you can decompress and start healing. I think of you often and pray you are doing well. Even though I don't post often, I enjoy reading how you are doing. Hang in there! Love, Katherine

Amie said...

Perfect solution. I'll have Edward, you can have Jacob, and we won't have to argue at all over who's really better. ;) We can just say one is better for some of us and one is better for others.... and we're all crazy for having pictures of them plastered on our blogs and phones. :)

Jen said...

Hey there fellow blogger! I was on the fence, liking both Edward and Jacob but after the movie and rereading Eclipse I have to go with Jacob.
Reading has always been my escape and it's great to have such a series to fall into.

Malie said...

I know exactly what you mean. I think it is perfectly fine for you to use Twilight as an escape. I did. I went through some stuff, and my escape from reality was Twilight. Randy would just let me be when I was at the computer reading about Twilight stuff.