Saturday, July 09, 2011

In Memory of Linda Rowbury

A few short weeks ago, Linda was at work (USU Credit Union), making final preparations for her to go on her Maternity leave.  She was looking forward to being at home with all 4 of her children and enjoying her new little one that was scheduled for a C-section soon. 
All of that would never happen.  One evening after work, she retired to her room because she was feeling really tired.  After a nap, she got up when she suddenly collapsed to the floor going into cardiac arrest.  Her oldest son Carter heard her fall, ran in and found her on the ground.  He ran outside grabbed his Dad who came in , dialed 911 and started CPR when he realized she wasn't breathing.  They continued to work on her as they rushed her to the ER.  Doctors were able to take the baby and get her on life support.  Both Linda and baby were life-flighted to Salt Lake City.  10 hours later, Linda passed away.  Baby Charlie Linda is still in ICU, with severe brain damage, but doing OK. 
Her husband Brad, is trying to keep life going.  Taking care of his 3 children (ages 10, 7, and 3) who are at home and then driving to Salt Lake to be with baby Charlie.  My heart breaks for all of them. 
Linda worked with John for the last 7 years at the Credit Union where they became friends.  Brad and Linda were in our Ward (Church) for years.  They worked in the Church Library for a while where Marcus would love to escape from Sunday School to go in and visit with both Brad and Linda. I should say more like tease each other.  For some reason, Marcus  named them "the Strawberries".  As time went on, we got to know the Strawberries better and spent some fun times together.  We started a new tradition of spending New Years Eve at each others house. 
When Marcus got sick again, Linda was close by and ready to help.  I remember she stayed up 1/2 the night making cinnamon rolls for Marcus because he requested them when she asked what he wanted most. She loved to serve others and always put their needs first. 
Linda had the most amazing laugh that was very contagious.  Her wit was so unique and sarcasm was her best friend.  She had a way of making you feel like you were her favorite.  Brad's sense of humor, personality and wit matched hers so well. 
After Marcus passed away, Linda and a few others made sure I was getting out and having some fun.  But as time went on, I pulled away and our little outings ended.  We talked about getting together and doing things, but it never happened.  When I found out she was pregnant again, I was almost mad at her.  I didn't know why I didn't want this to happen, but my heart could feel that things were going to change.  I had no idea what that meant.  

What I have learned...

When I learned of Linda's passing, my heart ached again. I felt that familiar pain in my chest, in my heart, the lump in my throat and knot in my stomach.  When I was about to ask God "How much heart-ache can I take?  Why am I dealing with so many losses, so much pain, suffering?  I just can't take this anymore! Too many funerals of children, loved ones, friends, and neighbors who were too young to die."  Then I felt the world shift. I received a message, a Miracle.  I looked to my Heavenly Father, and instead of concentrating on MY heart, MY suffering, I gave it to Him. Instead of "why am I always hurting, always being tried, losing so many people I love", Today it became:  "How blessed I am to have had these exceptional, beautiful influences in my life. A new warmth came over me, I am so thankful that I was a part of their lives and they mine!!"  They each taught me love, courage, strength, and joy.  I am thankful to have these experiences because they are now a part of me. 
I will never forget Linda, she was such a dear friend.  I will continue to pray for Linda, Brad, Carter, Ryen, Jack, and baby Charlie. May they have the peace and comfort of our Lord, and Savior. 


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, Karen. I pray for Linda and all their family at this time. I'm sure the Lord will bless and help them. There is a reason and someday we'll all understand why things like this happen. Love you, Karen~ Love, MOM

Nancy said...

I remember when this happened. I hope that baby Charlie is doing ok and that Brad and the kids are hanging in there.

I'm so very grateful that you shared your miracle - your change of heart. It's so very easy to say "why me?" but what a growing experience to turn it into gratitude.

Love ya, sis.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I tried to put my emotions in words as I find myself teared up so often as I think of Linda, Brad and the kids. I beleive you did this for me. Thank you for this. It is absolutely beautiful...
Cindy Weeks