Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Who busted a grumpy?"

Yes, this is what I hear on a regular basis at our house lately. With a house full of boys, what do you expect? For those not familiar with this term, it is a new (not sure if its really new, but new to me) way of asking," who let wind?" Yes, I am not really sure why boys are sooooo entertained by this disgusting bodily function, but it can really get out of control. Its so much fun to be out-numbered.......... NOT! In church I look around and see these cute little girls in frilly dresses, bows in their hair, nails painted and wonder... what would that be like? But you know, if it was MY little girl, with all these boys, (and yes, without the boys, I admit) she would be just like my monster boys and fit in quite well. I held my own with the boys when I was growing up, and gave my parents enough grief to make up for most of the other kids put together. So when I talk about Jackson, I do so with love, because.... like John would say to me..."he is soooo you, Karen". Yes, I admit it, but just not to John.... I want him to think I am a little ANGEL..... shhhhhhh, don't tell.
Speaking of Jackson, he turns 6 years old day after tomorrow! WOW... can't believe my baby is so big. Hopefully we will be getting him a bike, but with all the snow we are getting, not sure where he could ride it until after Noah's birthday in April! He really needs one though.
We are also getting ready for Marcus to leave on Wednesday for Tucson, Arizona!!!! He is so excited! He will be going to a special Band Camp there where he will get an opportunity to try out for a scholarship. Plus he will be meeting kids from all over the west and performing with them. I will go too, but not until friday after work, but I am thrilled that I get to go too.

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Nancy said...

Oh Karen, your boys are so cute! And active! And FUN! Of course they are entertained by bodily noises... they are BOYS - and they are YOUR kids. haha! Jess can belch with her brothers but she won't "bust a grumpy". I'm going to have to tell her about that saying... she'll laugh her head off.

I'm so glad that Marcus is going to have this awesome experience! He deserves it. Hey, give me the details about the concert. I need to know what time it will be and is it going to be held outside? If so, I'm not going to be able to go - my fibro has really been acting up and I can't risk getting cold, etc. Mom made a mistake and mentioned that you and Marcus are coming to Tucson and of course she now thinks she is going to see you both and wants to go to the concert. She has nooooo idea how noisy it will be.

Also, I guess you read my blog about Jessica's update. Not the best of news but we'll deal with it. We always do.

One last thing: Does Marcus have our phone number(s) so if anything happens he can get a hold of us? We don't know the cancer specialists personally but we know families who do (and I have their phone numbers) - and we know doctors who can pull strings for us if push comes to shove. Sometimes membership has it's privileges. LOL!