Thursday, August 20, 2009

First day of school ...2009

Jackson, age 7, 2nd grade

First day of school on August 20, 2009! I was so ready for school to start up again!! I really am happy to have a schedule again, for kids to be "NOT BORED" and get them busy!! They really are so much happier when they are going to school and learning. Being with their friends is always a big plus too.
This morning while I was taking pictures, Jackson kept crossing his eyes and saying.. "hurry Mom and take the picture, my eyes hurt!" Crazy kid! It's a miracle I got him in a picture with them somewhat straight! He is the one who lights up a room and lifts our spirits on a daily basis.
I couldn't imagine my life without him, Noah and Aaron.

Both Noah and Jackson wanted their pictures taken with their bikes this morning, even though I didn't let them ride them to school today. Not sure I can trust Jackson to ride all that way, he sure likes to live on the "edge", so to speak, and staying out of the middle of the road is a big problem for him.
Noah, age 10, 5th grade

My Noah, so grown up and ready to take on 5th grade. This will be his last year at Providence Elementary. He still is so small! I bought him size 8 pants AGAIN this year! I thought he was growing, but maybe he is just going to save it all until he is 12 and grow 6 to 8 inches then. His brothers did that, but Noah has always been small. But he's a cool dude and is ready for football to start up again.... NO, I still won't let him play yet, he only weighs 70 lbs! He loves the Titans and is ready to start cheering for his team!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It all started this week...

One year ago....... Hawaii.... The news of another tumor and really not knowing how bad it really was. That day has been going through my mind today and yesterday.
I remember looking at his face and getting this feeling of relief that we knew what we were facing, but yet I KNEW this was it. This would be the time I would lose him, I knew it with every fiber of my being. I just had no clue of how much time I would have, until we were in the hospital in Salt Lake. The Brain surgeon looked at the picture they had given me in Hawaii of his MRI. His face went blank and told me that what they had told me was swelling, was his major concern. After another MRI, the news was devastating, I knew it was time for him to go.
I really can't believe that I lived through that! I can't believe that it has been a whole year! Seems like yesterday in so many ways, but yet it seems like forever since my boy was here. I miss him everyday, but I am blessed to have his Spirit with me.
A woman I met told me that I have been given the blessing of "God's Valium". God's way of letting me be immune to what is going on to keep me sane. I think it's like the poem of "Footprints in the Sand" and that is when HE carries me. How else could I go on everyday? I still have to feel the pain every once in a while, but I know that I am being watched over.

Marcus had a card given to him in church that he carried with him its called "My Mission Commission". Since his death, I have found this card lying around in many different places thinking that the kids must be getting into it. I have put it away in my scriptures, John has put it away in his scriptures, and we have put it up where the kids can't get it. Day before yesterday I was having a hard day, and I found this card on the floor again, right in front of me. I sighed thinking that the boys had gotten it somehow. Then I read it, I mean really read it this time...

My Mission Commission

I am called of God. My authority is above that of the Kings of the Earth. By revelation, I have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Master and He has chosen me to represent Him. To stand in His place, to say and do what He himself would say and do if He personally were ministering to the very people to whom He has sent me. My voice is His voice and my acts are His acts. My words are his words, and my doctrine is His doctrine. My commission is to do what he wants done, to say what He wants said, to be a living modern witness in word and deed of the divinity of His great and marvelous latter - day work. How great is my calling !

- Elder Bruce R. McConkie

Then I KNEW that my son, MY MARCUS was telling me and reminding me that his calling is far greater than I realize! He is doing work that only he can do and he is happy serving HIM! What a powerful reminder that Marcus is doing great things and that he would only do what the Lord wanted him to do, go anywhere the Lord wanted him to go. I feel incredibly selfish!! Of course I am still human and miss him beyond words, but I feel selfish to want him here when he is going on and doing so much good for ME and all of us who knew him on earth!
Thank you Marcus for giving me the reminder I needed!! Oh how I love you and am so proud of you, even though my heart and soul aches to be with you again.

Male Angel Picture.

I found this flair on Facebook and I just fell in love with it! It reminds me so much of my Marcus... My heart just melts when I see it.... Its just beautiful to me. I would love to find a print of this, but not sure where to look. If anyone has seen it somewhere, please let me know... I think it is amazing!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marching Band Camp...

Aaron playing the baritone!

This is the first year I was able to go to Band Camp at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. I knew it would be stressful, but I felt it would be good for me to go and help these wonderful kids, and it was. I am still trying to catch up on my sleep and I am completely wiped out, but it was worth it to see Aaron and what he goes through that week. It is INTENSE!!
They start out the day around 7:00, eating breakfast then they are out running laps, doing push ups and sit ups. They do hours of drills, working on marching skills ( you would think it was simple, but it involves many different steps that have to be exact) They have sectionals with their sections working on the music and sets. Then they work until 9:00 p.m. out on the football field putting it all together. The part that amazed me is that when they were out on the field as a whole, the Director would say to go to a certain set and they would run to the spot they were supposed to and know exactly what notes to play without music or cheat sheets!!
Luckily this year we were able to have the whole show before camp and they had 3 of the 4 movements learned before they left camp. Of course they have to work on those to fine tune them, but they are further ahead than they have been in the past. It is a more difficult show, but its amazing!

Girls from the talent show they had one night. It was a lot of fun to see their personalites come through.

It rained hard one day and when Mr. P sent them inside, they decided to play in the rain. Yeah, he wasn't too happy about it, so next time they will stay and practice in the rain...oh well.