Thursday, August 20, 2009

First day of school ...2009

Jackson, age 7, 2nd grade

First day of school on August 20, 2009! I was so ready for school to start up again!! I really am happy to have a schedule again, for kids to be "NOT BORED" and get them busy!! They really are so much happier when they are going to school and learning. Being with their friends is always a big plus too.
This morning while I was taking pictures, Jackson kept crossing his eyes and saying.. "hurry Mom and take the picture, my eyes hurt!" Crazy kid! It's a miracle I got him in a picture with them somewhat straight! He is the one who lights up a room and lifts our spirits on a daily basis.
I couldn't imagine my life without him, Noah and Aaron.

Both Noah and Jackson wanted their pictures taken with their bikes this morning, even though I didn't let them ride them to school today. Not sure I can trust Jackson to ride all that way, he sure likes to live on the "edge", so to speak, and staying out of the middle of the road is a big problem for him.
Noah, age 10, 5th grade

My Noah, so grown up and ready to take on 5th grade. This will be his last year at Providence Elementary. He still is so small! I bought him size 8 pants AGAIN this year! I thought he was growing, but maybe he is just going to save it all until he is 12 and grow 6 to 8 inches then. His brothers did that, but Noah has always been small. But he's a cool dude and is ready for football to start up again.... NO, I still won't let him play yet, he only weighs 70 lbs! He loves the Titans and is ready to start cheering for his team!

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Katie said...

They are so cute Karen. . . and getting SOOOO grown up! It was good to see you at back to school night. I miss you guys!