Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse (Spoiler alert)

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I wasn't going to make this blog just a summary of my obsession with the Twilight series.  I know there are many out there who think this whole thing is dumb or stupid... I COMPLETELY agree with you.  On the outside looking in, I see a grown woman desperate to be a teenager again and that really needs to "get a life".  My my inner self is so thrilled to the core with this whole thing, which makes all my selves think I really need some help!!!  My boys, husband, family, friends are secretly AFRAID for me... I just know it. I see it in their eyes, hear it between the lines and my dear sweet John just tells me how WaCkeD out I really am!!  So is this going to stop my obsession? Am I going to go to "Twi-hard-fans Anonymous"? NO FREAKING WAY!!  Soooooooo on with my opinion of the Movie...

Eclipse is my favorite book of the series, and the movie just confirmed it.  Action, Action, LOVE, Action!!  Even though I knew everything that was going to happen, I was on the edge of my seat, frozen.  I found myself a few times with a piece of popcorn at my lips, still, not making it into my mouth.  Now THAT takes a lot to keep food out of my mouth!

Edward/ Robert Patterson... First I have to say, and I am eating a few words, that he has grown on me.  His makeup is better for one thing and I think Robert has really settled into his character of Edward.  So much more of Edwards personality was shown in this movie, including smiling.  So much so, that I felt like he really had a soul and not just someone who looked like he was about to poop his pants.  Maybe my heart would like him if Jacobs heart didn't break so many times. 

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The boy after my own heart.  I mean, come on, the kid (who is now 18!) rides a dirt bike!  OK, so he has a great body and smile... yeah, THAT helps.  I like to say.. "I was team Jacob, before team Jacob was cool".  Maybe because I am a mom to teenage boys is why I have such soft spot for Jacob. I hate that he gets his heart broken.  My review of him in this movie is.... NOT ENOUGH JACOB!  The scene after Jacob was injured and Bella came to see him was cut way too short.  Leaving out Bella's experience during their kiss was the biggest disappointment.  It was my favorite part of the whole series!!!  I missed her telling Jacob that she saw their life together... being together at Billies with Charlie and little dark-haired kids running around them.  How comfortable she felt how natural it was.  UUGGGHH.  I felt like the whole point of the story was that if Vampires didn't exist in their world, they would be perfect for each other... no vampires, no wolves, no interference in their lives.

I did LOVE the movie and plan on seeing it again and buying the DVD for my collection.  So forgive me if I spoiled anything for you.  But it is... MY BLOG, MY THOUGHTS.


Amie said...

I love that you loved the movie! Yes, the break-up with Jacob was cut short and even I (the girl who loved Edward when New Moon converted everyone to team Jacob ;) missed some of that. How did you like that revved up kissing scene right before the battle? Bella was practically begging him to kiss her!

Aimee said...

Karen I loved it too and yes we are a little crazy but you just have to have an escape from the crazy real world. I completely agree with your 'review'. Wish we could see it together. Glad you enjoyed and had a night out!
Miss you,
Love Aimee