Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This has been a memorable Thanksgiving so far. We had a blizzard 2 days ago that left us in the brutal cold. Temperatures last night were –15 degrees and 15 degrees for a high today. 

We also have had a visitor in our home.  My dear best friend, Julie, has some amazing children;  Kyle, Chelsea, Chandra and Bailey.  Since we moved here over 6 years ago,  our family and her family have become close.  We consider them part of the family.  Well, Chandra… who just graduated from high school and went off to Snow College this fall, got engaged!  The wedding is set for December 28th, 2010!  I am excited for her.  I was a little worried at first, because of her age, but now that I have gotten to know Taylor a little better, I am very happy for her.  Taylor is staying at our house while they are here since they have a rule that no-one’s unmarried significant other can sleep at their house.  I am thrilled for them both, and feel like they will do well. 
Having these distractions have been good for me.  I have had my moments of feeling sorry for myself.  Yesterday I even told my co-worker this.. “I just don’t like the Holiday’s anymore”!!  Wow!  This time of the year has always been my favorite since I can remember.  Now it seems like the pain just comes and I just absorb it all. 
This morning I was going through some blogs of some friends of mine.  I have some friends who have gone through similar life experiences as myself, one of them is Tammy.  Her son Nick, passed away from a brain tumor just about a month after I lost Marcus.  She also lost a daughter to SIDS years before.  I am sure the Lord has given us each other to learn and help each other.  Well, at least He has given her to me to help me on these days when I miss Marcus with so much pain. Today on her blog, My Heart his Words , she mentioned all that she was thankful for and reminded me that I have a choice.  I have a choice to sit and feel the pain of my loss, or pick myself up and enjoy the day filled with family and friends.  I have a choice to bring the spirit of joy and happiness or one of sorrow and pain.  Of course I will think of my Marcus and feel his spirit close on this holiday.  So I am going to choose to find happiness this Thanksgiving and Thank my Heavenly Father for giving me my precious family.  For giving me wonderful friends who have loved and helped me through the hardest times of my life.  I am also so thankful for His redeeming Sacrifice so that we will all be together again some day. 


Nancy said...

Love you, Karen. I'm proud of you and your choice to enjoy your holiday with family & friends (who are our family that we chose for ourselves!) Congrats to Taylor and Chandra. It sounds like they will be very happy together.


charles said...

yes,you are right and I am sure people will learn a lot from your blog,You desrve to be happy,after all thats God's plan for us. visit and you find more reasons to thank GOD.