Sunday, June 12, 2011

Future Writer!

 Tall Tales by Jackson, 3rd Grade, age 9.

Being the youngest in the family, Jackson tends to feel left out, always "too young" to be included with his older brothers, even though height and wieght-wise he is neck and neck with his older brother, Noah (3 years older).  Sometimes to get noticed you have to be loud, over dramatic and especially outspoken. 
Toward the end of the school year his 3rd grade class wrote their own Tall Tales while studying classic ones in class.  Jackson's imagination is not laking in anyway.  He has a vivid one and it shows in his personality.  He has often written short little stories while sitting in church.  For someone who has a hard time focusing (maybe a little adhd) he sure likes to write. 
Take time to read his Tall Tale and you will realize that he adds what is going on around him to his imagination.  As far as the 1972 date, I have no clue why he chose that year. 
I love my Jackson, his love of life and adventure keeps me focused on what is important.  Now if only I can find the energy to keep up with him, that would be wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

I love it! What a great kid! Good luck to him and to you too. Love you all, MOM