Sunday, June 12, 2011


Living, breathing, growing, blooming, are all part of Life. Rain, snow, wind, hail, sunshine, heat, fire, are the elements in which we all obtain the ability to grow and bloom.  Those elements can become extreme, and hanging on to breathing and living seems too difficult to do sometimes. Just when those days seem to be fading, another element gets thrown in and all of a sudden the damage of past elements seems to linger and makes the new one seem so much larger and can be just as devastating.
Having a great husband has been such a blessing to me.  He has been my rock throughout our 20 years of marriage, my stability, the one who I can hold on to during the hardest days of my life.  There are times where I have to back away to stabilize us both.  As I stated above, sometimes there are strong elements that come while still recovering from previous ones.  That is what this upcoming week brings to myself and my dear husband.  Unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing that we can say or do to help each other.  We have to separate ourselves (not in a physical sense), find the place where we can hunker down and deal with everything on our own.  That seems pretty harsh, you may think, but in reality there are times where space is needed.  Trials in our lives come in many different ways, some that others can see and often come to help, but many of them are not obvious and the only way to fight through them are alone, on our knees. Ones personality also affects dealing with life.  Some would never let someone else in to protect them from the hurt and pain, or feel like it is something they need to accomplish alone. 
Here we are, facing the week of (our son) Marcus' would-be-20th-birthday, with other major developments that could determine a huge change in our lives, again.  The stress is tough, and we both deal with things so differently, that space may be a more peaceful place for both of us.
This week will come and go, then we will press forward like we always do, making us stronger.  We will grow once again and bloom together because that is what a real, loving, eternal marriage means. Love requires work and this earthly life is a test.  My best friend, my husband, and I made sacred covenants in the Holy Temple, under God's authority here on earth, that we would love each other forever.  We will conquer all that we face here on earth, with the Lords help, then we will be the people we need to be to love each other eternally. We will live together forever with our extended families and precious boys in the presence of our Heavenly Father.  No greater joy will there be for us.

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