Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New House???

Ok, I am feeling better today than I was. I am now focusing my energy to something that is constructive and something to look forward to. We might be able to buy a HOUSE! How about that? It just fell into our lap and at a really good price. We are putting in a bid and see what happens. This house does need work, mainly on the outside. MAN.... is it UGLY! It was built in the 70's and has a FLAT ROOF!!! I can't imagine why someone living in UTAH would build a house with Flat roof and of course the roof is damaged. It also has UGLY big dark brown wood shingles on the outside instead of siding. We will need to replace all the windows and sliding doors, put on a pitched roof before we could move in. We have a couple of neighbors that do things like this for a living and they offered to help. We would also have to replace carpet and paint. Not much, right.....HAHA. I know its a lot of work, but I think it would be a great opportunity for all of us. The boys would learn a lot about work and learn a few skills... (including me) The location of the house is just around the corner so the boys would have the same schools and church ward. The boys are pretty excited especially since they want a dog and a cat so bad. So we will keep praying that it all goes in our favor.


alligood said...

Oooooh, Karen! I am so excited for your family and the possibility of a house! What good news - and your family deserves something so wonderfully positive.

I just got caught up on your blog (and finally figured out how to link yours to mine) and was so sad to hear about the little girl in your ward. I don't understand why our innocent little children need to experience this, either. :-(


Anonymous said...

That's so great! Hope all goes well with it! It'll really help all of you to be busy getting the house ready to move into! I'm excited for you! MOM