Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 2, 2007

I hate this date. Every time I hear it I think of it as the worst day of my life.... ever. The day that we found out about Marcus's tumor. I will never forget that day cause it changed me forever. Its hard to believe we made it this far.

Sunday, Marcus started his last round of maintenance chemo (Temodar and CCNU). This time it seems to have more of an effect on him than most others. He is pale, tired, and not himself. He also has had a cough and congestion for a few days as well. I hope he doesn't get sick. He has been really healthy considering all that he has gone through and I am hoping this goes the same. He has been working so hard with Marching Band that I am afraid he will over do it and have to sit out a few performances.

Speaking of, the Bands first competition was last saturday. John and I weren't able to go cause I wasn't feeling well and neither were the 2 little boys. The weather was so cold, rainy and even some snow flurries. Marcus came home and told us all about the competition and how cold it was WHILE they were performing. Then, last night was the school's parent/teacher conference. Well, Marcus's Band Teacher searched me out and informed me that Marcus did NOT perform at the competition! I was FLOORED! WHAT??? Apparently, he got a really bad headache 15 minutes before the performance and it was bad enough, and lasted long enough that he couldn't go on the field. Mr. P told me that he was pretty concerned because Marcus turned really pale and didn't look well. I was just furious!!! Not only did Marcus not tell me, NO ONE called me. What if he had a seizure? Gosh, I can't believe that Marcus would lie to us like that. His excuse was he didn't want me to FREAK out and call the Dr. He finally admitted that he has been having more headaches lately and they have been in a different place. ( a little more to the right). Not sure what is going on, but his next MRI is the 14th of November and we will see what is happening in that head of his. He still has a knot on his head from the basketball hitting him over 2 months ago! It has gone down, but its still pretty obvious.

Aaron has really had an attitude lately. He is 13, so I guess I should really expect that more and more, right? His grades aren't going very good, and he has been sassing me left and right. He has shot up so fast, he is growing out of everything FAST! He is almost taller than me now. I just can't believe he is growing up. Having 2 teens has been quite a wakeup call for me. Yes, I AM OLD NOW..... haha.

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Nancy said...

If Marcus doesn't straighten up and be honest with you, I'm gonna hit him with a basketball - or even a baseball bat! LOL!

Gosh Karen, I was about to have a panic attack while reading about him even being out in the cold and rain - then to find out that he had gotten the headache and was pale... what a mess. Did you get after the band teacher for not calling you and John? Some people are so clueless!

And welcome to the world of old people with teenagers! You have a lot going on and of course teens will be teens! Did you ever ask your Dr. about Tramadol? I went without it for 24 hours and I started hurting so bad again.... I now realize how much it has been helping! Go call your doctor right now! I don't care if it's in the middle of the night.... this is important! LOL

(((hugs))) to you sis. Hang in there - or out there if you're at all like me.