Friday, November 09, 2007

I can't wait............

Until this next few weeks are OVER! I am so so so so greatful Marcus is done with his treatments. I know this will be the last time we will have to worry about "blood-counts" and deal with transfusions. (Keeping fingers crossed) He had quite the ordeal yesterday.
Wednesday, Marcus came home from school, went to the bathroom and blood started gushing out of his nose. We had the results of his blood draw on tuesday and his platelets were at 29,000. Dr. Bruggers usually orders a transfusion to anything around 30,000 or lower. Well, she is out on Personal Leave for 2 months, so another Dr. said that he was OK and to draw again on Thursday. This bloody nose was Wednesday, so we took him to our local Dr. who drew blood again. Marcus's bloody nose stopped after 15 minutes, and he seemed to be ok. The Local Dr. said that he would be find to go to his concert that night. (More on that later) It started bleeding a little here and there, but nothing like earlier.
The next day we let Marcus sleep and stay home from school. By noon, we got the call that his platelets (what clots the blood) were at 25,000, so of course they decided to do a transfusion. Well, here in Logan we have to order the platelets from Salt Lake and they won't get here until the next day. I made the call to take him to Primary Childrens for it cause they could do it quick. I am so glad I DID! While we were there waiting his nose began to bleed a lot. We really couldn't tell how much he lost, but he was pretty Pale and out of breath exhausted. After the transfusion they drew again and got the results back before we left. His platelets were at 60,000 but his hematicrit (red blood cells) were down to 25. He was 2 points away from being admitted and spending the night getting a few pints of blood. He lost THAT much blood in just those few nose-bleeds. Talk about scary!!! They even left his IV in just in case his red cells fell anymore or if his nose started bleeding again. But he looked and felt so much better this morning. He was complaining about the IV so I took it out. He is feeling a lot better today and has so much more color to his face. "WHEW". We have been so blessed so many times, I am thankful for it.

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