Friday, November 16, 2007


We are sooooooooo relieved to have it over with! The results were just what we wanted to hear. All things are "stable" or "the same" whichever wording sounds better but we are so happy to know that things are just the way they were last January. All of us are so happy to know that we are done. Life of chemo, radiation, weekly blood-draws, transfusions, IV's, losing hair, shaving heads, nausea.....and just NEEDLES are so close to being OVER. Marcus's platelet count was down so we had another transfusion on wednesday. As soon as his counts are up (probably a couple of weeks) he will no longer have to have 6-week checks nor have weekly blood draws. We won't have to go back to PMC for 3 months! WOW! That concept is just mind-boggling. After a year of all this, I can't believe we are done. It sure is scary, though. Now that we are on our own, every pain I will be recording, documenting and keeping constant watch.... Poor Marcus!!
So now that all this is over, we are going to do some testing, but without needles, pills or scopes. Marcus has had some problems with his short-term memory. He is really struggling in school and I think a lot has a lot to do with not being able to remember things. We have noticed little things that probably only parents would really notice. I think his attention span or able to comprehend what you are saying to him has been affected. There are a lot of times where we are talking to him and we can see that he is not connecting with us. The neuro-psychiatrist said that the area where the tumor was, is where language and personality are based. He was already struggling with English and writting, so this has made it worse I am sure. He completely failed the English portion of the state testing last spring. So on December 3, Marcus and I will spend the day in Salt Lake at PMC, but he will be doing a neurological test to see where he is and what areas have been affected. As time goes on, we will see more and more changes and late-affects from the radiation and surgery. They said he could even get a TUMOR from the radiation!! GO-FIGURE!!
Anyway, all in all we are happy where we are and feel so blessed to have so many good things come out of all this. I know our struggles are far from over, but we have faith that the Lord knows what is best for us and for now it is a break from the awful treatments of cancer. We give THANKS for friends and family who pray for us and give us strength. I am thankful for my Testimony of Jesus Christ and for the Love and Comfort he gives us on a daily basis. I pray that this same comfort that I feel can be spread to others, especially those who I have come to know through this. To those who have loved ones, lost loved ones,(especially children) or themselves who suffer from the horrible thing called...cancer. I know that the Lord has a plan for each of my boys, and for myself and John. He knows what is best and I will keep faith in Him to do that no matter how hard it gets for us because he will be there to guide and comfort us.

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