Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Halloween

I usually Hate Halloween, but this year I really did enjoy myself and my boys. We went to Shopko 2 days before and got the 75% costumes but they got what they really wanted anyway. Noah was a Ninja, Jackson was the Red Power Ranger. (sidenote... I don't think Jackson has ever watched a full episode of Power Rangers, I think that he just thinks they look cool) Marcus stayed home to give out candy to the trick-or-treaters, Aaron went with a couple of his friends out on their own (he was a zombie, but took off before I was able to get pictures of him in his costume), John and I took the little boys out with us. We went to a couple of friends houses, but ended up going inside the Lund's home. They invited us in for some "halloween vegtable chili" so we stayed and hung out for a while. We really enjoyed ourselves.
We walked up to one house who had a black light on their porch, so all the white or light colors glowed. The man that answered the door was wearing black with white paint painted on his clothes that glowed, and some kind of paint on his face that glowed to look like a clown face. As soon as we left that house, Jackson yelled... "That was SWEEET". It was sooo cute. He did get scared, when we went to one of our neighbors and the boy who is 12 was dressed up with the mask from "Scream" was sitting out in front of his house with the candy to hand out. Jackson went up and he kinda jumped out at him and Jackson came running back and NOT happy. The boys Mom brought Jackson back and promised that Jackson could kick him for scaring him. Jackson thought that was pretty funny. We went home pretty wipped out, but certainly had fun. I really enjoy watching the little boys, they sure know how to entertain us in our old age and reminds me of what life is all about.... Having a good time.

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