Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Life at the Russell home is constantly changing. Just when we get used to one thing, something else comes up and life has to change once again. What has changed? Well, I quit my job and I am now a stay-at-home Mom once again. After the latest going on with Marcus, Aaron failing some of his classes, and trying to juggle getting Jackson to school from daycare in the middle of the day, we decided that this was the right time. I haven't been able to get things done to get the second opinion going for Marcus, and John has to schedule things at work around picking up Jackson. His work has actually been suffering a little. So we calculated things financially, he got a raise and a bonus at work and the city is paying him a "little" so that is what made us decide that it was time for me to stay home and get things at home put back into place. We have made a huge headway in getting quite a bit paid off, so hopefully in the near future, we will buy a new home. Unfortunately, that is not our main goal or concern right now.
I am working on getting Marcus's MRI reports, typing up a "report" to send to 2 other doctors. Plus, I am trying to talk with Marcus's Neuro-Radio-Oncologist who did Marcus's radiation treatments to see if he can look at his actual MRI's and read them for a 2nd opinion on the Meningioma. Dr. Packer at National Childrens Hospital said he would look over Marcus's MRI reports and give us his opinion, but he won't give us a "full report" until we go and he looks at Marcus himself. John and I haven't come to an agreement on that one yet, so for now I will just get the reports ready to "send" to Dr. Packer.
Well, I gotta go pick up the little boys from school. My new day-job.... Taxi-driver! YEAHHH!

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