Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, all of Marcus's reports are on their way and I should get them soon. I talked to Dr. Watson who is Marcus's pediatric-neuro-radio-oncologist (long title, huh?) Anyway, he is the Dr. that did Marcus's radiation therapy. I talked to him over the phone while he looked on the computer at every one of Marcus's scans. (He acutally READ the scans himself, not as in reading a report) Anyway, he told me that there is no way that this "nodule" could be meningioma. #1 reason... it has been there since his first scan post-op and it has not changed since then. #2 reason... side effects of the radiation like another tumor growing don't show up until 5 -10 years post-treatment. Something I knew already and read many articles on. He also said that the pain in Marcus's knees could be caused by a hormonal imbalance because the radiation was so close to his pituitary gland. It also could be causing his behavior problems as well. Is it me or isn't this something that this Doctor, being a NEURO-ONCOLOGIST know about? Hasn't she dealt with anyone having radiation to the brain before? It just seems like they have the attitude of... oh well, it has nothing to do with cancer, so therefore its not my problem, have a nice day, GOODBYE. It really makes me so angry to think that if our Dr. was still around, she probably would have checked his hormone levels because she knows Marcus and knows where he has had radiation. I am just soooo "Urked" right now. If Dr. Bruggers doesn't come back, not sure what we will do. I don't want to go to someone who seems like they have NO IDEA what they are doing.
In other news, we took Aaron for stitches last night. Who says NERF isn't dangerous? Aaron and Marcus were downstairs (lower ceiling) in Aaron's room playing with Noah's HUGE nerf gun. Marcus lifted it straight up in the air and hit the glass light shade that fell on his head and broke (I think they put a metal plate in Marcus's head during surgery) which sent pieces flying everywhere including Aaron's arm. So we went to Instacare and Aaron had 3 stitches put in, which by the way, I won the bet. We bet on how many it would be. Marcus said 5, the nurse said 4 and I said 3... HA! I WON! Of course Aaron chose 3 after I did, so we both won. He was brave and survived the needle.
Nothing is ever boring at the Russells! Well, gotta go get ready for Jackson and Noah's Parent-teacher conferences.... So much fun to see what the boys have done, or with Jackson... what he has said or destroyed.

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