Monday, September 15, 2008

Benefit Dinner for Marcus

We made it home on Monday Evening (8th of September) from the hospital. His sodium levels finally leveled out and is currently on sodium pills.

Tuesday, September 9th, some good friends of ours put together a Benefit dinner for Marcus. It was just unreal how many people showed up. We imagine that over 1,000 people were there. Macey's (a local grocery store) donated all the food and goods, flyers were printed up and delivered by Marcus's friends, Huge posters were posted in Macey's store, it was announced over the radio stations, and "Big Blue" (USU's mascot) showed up. It was very over-whelming to see so many people come to support Marcus and our family. Marcus did feel up to going and was swarmed by his friends and others who love him. It has made a world of difference to him. He has been smiling more and has boosted his spirits.

Thank you to all those who helped in anyway to put this together. Especially Holly and Cameron Wright, Brett Mathews and the Executive Council of Mountain Crest, the Mountain Crest Marching Band, Macey's Food and Drug, Ace Banner and Sign, Square One Printing and all those who spent time preparing the food, baking their delicious baked goods for the bake sale, and those who spent hours over the grill cooking the burgers and dogs. You all have given so much more than you realize.

Thanks to all those who came and supported us. What an amazing act of kindness and love. You have shown love in a way that has given us all hope and given Marcus a reason to fight harder than ever before.


alligood said...

I am SO SORRY I missed that! I didn't hear about it (I suppose I've been under a rock, since it was apparently well advertised).
I'm so glad the turn-out was so overwhelming. People in this community are so fantastic. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful valley. Glad Marcus is back home and the sodium is stable!

Malie said...

Oh my goodness! How wonderful of everyone there to do that for him. I wish we could have been there to help.

Nancy said...

Wish we could have been there! We love you all and hope and pray that Marcus can stay home. I know you haven't posted it here yet but we hope he will be able to continue his chemo and that his platelets will come back up.