Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family Pictures

Well, being the SLACKER that I am... we hadn't had a family portrait done since before we moved to Utah. That was in 2003! So here is our crazy family!


Malie said...

Very fun pictures! I LOVE the poses!

Callie said...

I think about you and your family daily! And you are constantly in our prayers!

Melanie said...

wonderful pics!! Happy belated birthday!!

Nancy said...

Love, love LOVE the pictures! I'm so glad that you got them done and you are right.... you have some very cute ones. (I'm referring to the ones on Marcus's carepage as well as on this blog. )

Love you so much!

Shauna McDaniel said...

Love the pictures of your family! I hope you are doing ok. I tried to text you on your birthday but I dont know if it ever went through.
Well I hope you had a good day and know your family is always in our thoughts and prayers.