Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's a GIRL at the Russells!!!

I know, that is hard to believe, but saturday we went to Petsmart and adopted a beautiful, 6-month old kitten. I knew she was for us the minute I saw her. She is the most outgoing cat I have ever known. She loves everyone, even strangers who come to visit, she has to climb up on them, smell them and cuddle with them.
We have FINALLY found a name for her... STELLA. (After the skunk on Over-the Hedge) She is very sassy and has taken over the house with ease. She never acted nervous when we brought her home and she purred for hours as she investigated her new home. I just know she was meant for us. The boys love her, and believe it or not, she loves them. When they leave for school, or go to bed she meows for them, and goes looking for her playmates.
I think she is what our family needs right now. She has brought some smiles to our faces, even Marcus's, which has been hard to do lately. We are so happy to have her!


alligood said...

What a beautiful kitty! When we decided to get a dog, I was adament that we get a female to attempt to even the scales a bit in our house. Glad you were able to do the same. :-)

Nancy said...

Hey aunt Karen, this is Jessie. i just saw the cutest pictures of your kitty she is so beatutful. Iam Glad that Marcus is doing alittlw better iam aslo glad that he go to go on his make a wish I herd abut Marcus is louing his Eye Site. I hope it comes back enugh to see the Tv & that he can see he cat.
my ct sAKAN CAME OUT great the funest thing is that I had two guys named scott. I love you all have a great week.