Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can't even tell you how much difference my whole mood is when the sun is out! After what seems like weeks, we finally have a day with the sun shining, blue sky and just a few light clouds!! I have never been too particular about sunshine, but now that I am still not quite back to myself, sunshine makes a world of difference.
It's amazing how much comfort our crazy cat brings to all of us, especially me. Stella knows when I am upset and comes running into my room. I am not sure if she likes get the tissues that I use, or if she really is concerned about me, but I don't care. Of course I was ready to throw her out last night! Yesterday when we bought her cat food, we bought her a new toy. She loves it so much she kept bringing it in our bed and tried to play with it there. I think I will be hiding that thing tonight! I have to remember, she still is a kitten and she wants to play! OK, now I know I have lost it.... I have "blogged" about my dumb cat....lol.


Anonymous said...

Sun cetainly does help with warming the heart. You have lost one of your rays of sunshine who made you happy when skies were gray and now with his loss your skies will be gray for awhile.. Nothing will ever take the place of Marcus, but just think his ray of sunshine shines down on you everyday when he is able to reach through those clouds. Try to feel his warmth reaching down and telling you he is nearby. Take each day the best you can, and when you are outside reach up and pull the ray in. God bless you. My prayers are with you. Sandy from MD

Karen said...

Thanks so much Sandy for your beautiful way with words and your thoughts and prayers in behalf of me and my family. You are so sweet!