Monday, December 08, 2008

Its Up.

I got a call from my friend (Kristin Packer, Clarissa's Mother) and asked me if I had been out to the cemetery today, which I hadn't because we had an inch of snow and still some coming down today. She told me that Marcus' Headstone was up. She had been out there to put something by Clarissa's headstone and she saw it. This was around 4:30 p.m. and the sun goes down around 5:30 WITHOUT clouds and we had a lot of them. So I ran out there and was able to see it a little, but not the full effect.
What a bittersweet moment. Kristin was right, it sure brings closure, but it makes things so real and permanent. Pretty strange to see his name in stone, with a birth date and that death date. Very surreal. When things dry out a little, and the sun is out, I will go and take pictures of it. It really is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Yes. We want to see pictures. What a tender moment for you and your family. Did you get back during daylight to get the full effect? Hope you are doing okay. Love: Becca

Anonymous said...

No matter what time of day, I think that the headstone will be breathtaking because it was designed with love and it exemplifies who Marcus is in your heart and all who knew him. I continue to marvel at your strength. God bless and keep you uplifted during this season of mourning for your loss and jubliation with the birthday of our Christ child. Sandy from MD