Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I need a Donut pillow!

I have lived here 5 yrs almost and I still don't know how to walk on ice and snow! I went out to get the mail yesterday (I even put on my snow boots, so I wouldn't slip) and I wasn't paying much attention (reading CARDS!) and I stepped on the ice. I know it must have looked funny, because it was just like in the cartoons... my left foot slips so I catch myself with my right, it slips, I try to catch myself again with my left leg but to no avail... I was on my tailbone and my back... BAM! I hopped up so that if any of my neighbors saw me, they wouldn't call 911 and make a huge ordeal of it. Oh man, after sitting down for about an hour, I could feel the burn starting from my legs, through my hips and tailbone, my back and my arms (from where I tried to catch myself). This morning I am doing ok. Bending, sitting and lying down are a little painful, but I don't think I really hurt anything. I know my knee is kinda bothering me (the one I had surgery on 4 years ago after falling on ice) but I think it is OK. I can walk just fine. But we are getting more snow and the Temps aren't supposed to get up higher than 25 degrees for the next few weeks. OH I LOVE UTAH!
The boys are happy though. They LOVE the snow. Aaron is excited cause he wants to snowboard. Noah especially loves it, he and Jackson were out playing in it after dark last night, thanks to a rather large streetlamp right across the street. We have a little hill and the boys love to sled down it and try to snowboard down it as well.
Tomorrow is the High School's program of "Christmas Fantasy". It is a play-like concert and all the band members dress up in toy costumes. It is really cute. Aaron wants to wear Marcus' old band uniform and be a toy soldier. Not sure how that is going to work... but OK. That will be fun to go to and get in the holiday mood.... I HOPE.


Anonymous said...

falling on ice is not the best thing. Hope all your pains go away soon. How far away are you from Cottonwood Hts, suburb of Salt Lake? My son lives there and works at Alta. We live where the Potomac meets the Chesapeake Bay. It hardly ever goes below freezing and we get rain more than snow. Snow comes and goes as fast as it comes. I hope you enjoy the concert. God bless you and your spirit.

Karen said...

I am in the upper part of Utah, close to Idaho. I am an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours from there.
Some of my In-laws live MD and DC. We have gone there a few times, but haven't really made it to the Bay. Thanks so much for your thoughts and good wishes.

Malie said...

Oh man, I hope these are temporary aches and pains. Be careful. That's why we moved to Phoenix initially. Warm suits us better. I do miss sledding though. We'll have to come visit to do that.

Shauna McDaniel said...

I have to admit I did get a little chuckle of the whole falling thing.
I could totally picture you and ME doing that!! The whole jumped up so no one would call 911- haha-
I have done that before !!!
Hope you are feeling better.