Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, it has been a very difficult Christmas for our family, I am not going to try and hide that. We did have so many good people give us a lot of great gifts and many were dropped off at our doorstep, which really was a fun thing and cheered us up. Thanks so much for all those endearing gifts that let us know that you are thinking of us. We truly are so grateful for your tender and beautiful thoughts and gifts. And for whoever dropped off the Jars, it touched our family so deeply. Thank you for and may the Lord bless you all for your service and thoughtfulness.
OK... to liven things up a bit and to include Marcus this day, Melanie had the idea a while ago to build a snowman out by his headstone. So that is just what we did. Our boys, Brian and some of his kids came out and we built a Uof A snow man. The little boys built some forts and had snowball fights. It really turned into a fun activity even though it was raining. We felt Marcus' presence a lot the last few days and know he is near us. We are so blessed to have that.
I thought that this really captured his face. The 1/2 smile we really had to include because that was his pleasant smile. (you can see kids in the background playing... don't worry, no one is burried back Brian gave up a University of Arizona hat for the occation. Thanks, I am sure we can get you another one! The next picture is Melanie, Brian, Aaron and John. Also not in the picture was Ruth, Lisa, and myself. We never thought that making a snowman would ever be so much fun until today. It is so different when we are doing it for someone, especially Marcus. The only thing is, that right after we left, the big blizzard started,
and we aren't sure what is left of our snow dude. We will have to head out there tomorrow and see what is still around. I sure hope he is still standing. He looked AWESOME!


Monica said...

I love the snowdude and the pictures. I'll be sure Joe sees these. I jut know Marcus was smiling on such a beautiful scene. Much love, Aunt Monica

Melanie said...

you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers this week, in the days before I meant to send you a note telling you so, I'm sorry I got so caught up in the hoiday busyness. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the snowman pictures. I am sure Marcus was looking down at you and enjoying the moment as well. I cannot even imagine how you must be feeling on these holidays, and yet you manage to make it through with doing what you did with the snowman. God bless and may each new day bring you a little more peace. God bless. Sandy from MD.

Becky831 said...

Love the snowman idea. It looks like you have a great support system & are coping well. I'm so glad. You are a strong person! If you weren't, God wouldn't have given you this life challenge! Much love to you & the whole fam!