Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jackson is 7!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

Don't ask me what that is all about.

Time flies when you are having sooo much fun! On January 15th, Jackson turned 7. He has grown up so much the last year, but still has his wild days. I had to get all the goofy shots in with all the good ones so bear with me on putting so many pictures. He really is a joy to have around! We did end up going bowling, but I forgot the camera, dangit! Its a good thing... I only scored 6 points in my first 4 frames!!! YIKES!!

P.S. Notice the big scratch on his face from our new cat. Maybe someday he will learn...sigh

P.S.S. Also I put 2 posts up today, this one and the next one.

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RaLae said...

Wish we could have been there to help celebrate Jackson's birthday. What a character! What a blessing to have younger kids to help heal your heart and keep you going!
Love ya all, LaRae