Monday, January 12, 2009

New Music

I updated the music here on my blog. I decided to put some music that I like, but also some that reminds me of Marcus. After all, this place is very therapeutic for me as I deal with all this so I figured I would put some music as well.
Marcus enjoyed classical music and really didn't listen to a lot of "pop-music" until he was about 13 or 14. (Except for the music I listened to) I know he had friends that came over and asked to see his music collection and pulled faces at his CD's. He would also play his baritone and pick out songs he would hear that he really enjoyed. For his Grandmothers 70th birthday party, he played a solo of Shenandoah. He loved playing that at home as well.
The Gladiator he did play in band, but his favorite part was "the battle" (mine too). There is a lot of low brass in that music that is beautiful and I loved hearing him practice it at home. He also played Pirates of the Carribean, but so did Aaron. They played from different ones, so I just like them all since I can hear the french horn and the baritone.
Muse, and the Lullaby are my favorites, OF COURSE. They are from the movie Twilight. Those books got me through the 2 months of Marcus' recurrence and lots of time in the hospital. The Aaron Neville is for John. He has always love him and the Neville brothers, plus that music is just a feel good song telling me that its ok to have a good time.
So that is probably way more information than you cared to hear about, but its good therapy for me, I guess.


Becky Heard said...


Mandy said...

Supermassive Black Hole is one of my favorite songs now. I also really like Bella's Lullaby and the Linkin Park song. :-)

Thanks, I think, for introducing me to the Twilight series. I still think Robert Pattinson was a good choice for Edward. ;-)

More seriously, I wanted to say that I think of Marcus every time we sing "Come, Come Ye Saints" now. We sang it in Stake Conference today and the second verse... I wasn't the closest with Marcus, but I knew he was singing along with me for that one verse, telling me that, indeed, all is well despite the tumult of the world. I don't think I'll ever hear that song the same way. I'm also grateful that he would take the time for me in all that he has to do. Thank you for such a wonderful son.

Nancy said...

I think your music choices are great and the reasons of why you have them here is really wonderful. Maybe I'll pull up your blog on my laptop and just listen to your music while I clean my room. (I was going to say craft but I had told you on the phone how messy it is so I guess I should clean it, huh? LOL)

BTW, I haven't gone to bed yet - paying bills, calling doctor's offices, etc.... I'm still waiting to hear back from the GI doc. *sigh* Hope you get a nap after getting home from Jackson's school! :)

Karen said...

Thanks Mandy for sharing that. He is amazing.