Thursday, January 08, 2009

My living room.

I finally put up (all by myself, mind you, with plaster walls and using MY drill) the big frame that has all 4 boys 8x10's in them, plus I put up the beautiful sign that Clary made for me last year, right above it.
I also rearranged my photos and things on the built-in shelves in the corner. The 2 figures on the 2nd shelf were given to us by our Bishop's family and a few neighborhood friends.
The next photo is of our entry-way with our entertainment center. I know its pretty cluttered right now, but I am working on it. And PLEASE don't look at the curtains! They are as old as our house and I am going to paint and get rid of those soon!!
The pictures in the frame sitting on top of our Etertainment center are the ones of Marcus that I found on the internet. Next to it is the Statue that I got the boys for Christmas.
Well, I hope that is all I have cause it has been a pain to put them up for some reason.
Also, I almost feel like I need to put something else by the big long frame. I don't know, John likes it like this. We will see.
Here you go Mom and Nancy. Now you can see my dirty, cluttered house and my new stuff up. =0P


Anonymous said...

Karen good for you. Just putting up and doing shows signs of progress. Loved the pictures of the boys with your name above. Sandy MD

Anonymous said...

Looks great!