Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Niece Jessica.....

This post is about my Niece Jessica (Nancy's daughter). She was born with severe heart defects over 20 years ago and wasn't given much of a chance to survive very long at all. She is still around and prooving all the Doctors wrong! She had 5 heart surgeries where she had 2 strokes. She has over come a lot of things, and continues to fight daily for her life. She is very young at heart (like a six-yr-old)but fights like a Soldier. She is considered terminal and has been for years, but she is determined to stick around. She and Marcus have always had a bond and spent a lot of time together when they were little children. She has always been Marcus' biggest fan during the 2 years he was fighting his cancer. These 2 pictures are the last time Jessica and Marcus saw each other. These were taken in November 2007 when we went to Tucson for Thanksgiving. I know she wouldn't mind if I told you, but Jessica dreams of Marcus a lot. He has been checking up on her and making sure she is doing ok.

This picture is of Jessica holding her Aligator named Marcus. She chose that name because Marcus is brave and strong like an Aligator. Marcus is holding a star that Jessica made him to hang in his room to remember her by.

Jessica LOVES parties, especially barbie or princess ones. In this picture is Natalie (Stuarts daugter), Marissa (far left) Julie (far right)...both Alices' daughters, then Jessica.

This is Jessica with her brother Brandon. (and Marissa trying to sneak in) What a cute kid Brandon is.
Jessica's body is slowing down and things have gotten so painful for her. There is nothing more they can do for her, so we pray that things go quickly when they start getting really bad. It is a comfort to know that Marcus will be there for her, but just thinking about what she has to go through breaks me heart. It breaks my heart for her whole family who have struggled their whole lives having to deal with all this. Knowing what my sister has to do rips me apart and makes me wish I could take that all away. No one should have to experience that, but somehow and for a reason only God knows, we have to do it. It is my faith that gets me through all this and I know that it will all be worth it someday.
Please keep Jessica, Nancy and Karl, Justen, Branden, and Austin in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!


Becky Heard said...

Beautiful blog. Is Jessica really over 20 now? Time flies.

Anonymous said...

I will keep your sister an dher family as well asyours in my prayers. I hope you are doing better since your confession. Sandy in MD.

Nancy said...

Hey sis, I have a confession to make too: I have practically fallen off the face of the blogging world except for the crafting blogs I follow. I find it an escape from my every day - every minute problems. I have been living in d' Nile - you know, the river in Egypt. LOL

Thank you so much for this post. I know you love Miss Jess and me and my family so much. You know my heart breaks for you every day. It was always supposed to be ME - and ONLY ME - who had to bury a child in our family. I guess the Lord must have very special missions for our kids - and the rest of our family. I am still shocked that Marcus is gone and Jess is still here. There's gotta be a reason to it all and like you, I just keep holding on to my faith.

Love you sooooooooo much! I need to visit your blog more often. I see you on facebook all the time - maybe you should add "blogcast" to facebook so we'll know every time you post to your blog. It's easy peasy to add. Even I could do it. LOL!

(((((hugs)))))) to you and of course all your boys (John included!)