Sunday, March 07, 2010

It has been a while..

Since I have posted or updated anything of our crazy life. All I can say is... we are so tired of funerals!! The last month has been a little too much of death for our own sanity.

First, a friend of Aaron's, age 15, took his own life just a few days before Valentines day. Aaron wasn't really close to him, but they had known each other since 6th grade and "hung out" at school on and off since then. Aaron hadn't really talked to him since last summer, but it still was such a huge shock to him. He has been struggling with it ever since. I was sick the day of the funeral, but John took Aaron. What do you say when your son fought to keep himself alive, then face a CHILD that had no will to live? What can I say to Aaron? Losing his brother to cancer, then losing a friend to something that cannot be explained. We don't know what was in his mind that day, plus we cannot judge. I know our God is a merciful God. How can a child be completely responsible for a decision like that? How do I comfort MY child and heal his broken heart.. again? Aaron is such a tender-hearted person, he has been fighting depression and anxiety since Marcus' death and now it has taken on a whole new dimention. We will be going to the Dr. this week to help with this.

The next week, my Grandmother, Alice Nita Taylor passed away at the age of 92. It was her time to go and she was in a "home". It was such a blessing that she left. She has lived 44 years without her husband, and had lost a baby that she was reunited with. It was more of a bitter-sweet time, but after already dealing with Aaron's friend, and with Marcus' death still fresh, a funeral was still hard to deal with. My saving grace was seeing so much family and friends I hadn't seen in years! I focused on them and we remembered so many fun times and memories of Grandma T.

Amoungst the whole crazy times of death and funerals, I started a new job!! I am now working for a company who builds scientific sensors. It is a very small company where there are only 3 of us soldering and building these sensors. I am really enjoying it and has been a good thing for me to get out of the house. I can plug my ipod into my ears, sit down and do my work. Not having to deal with the stresses of "the public" is my kind of work. The people there have been great and work around my kids schedule. What a blessing! Oh and the paycheck is so nice to have!!

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