Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh yes, OH YES!  It is that time of year... FINALLY! 
What can I say?  I am a complete sucker for this series! Even though Breaking Dawn was not the best book, the movie MAY be the best Twilight series Movie. 
Oh, and here is another picture I found...

OOOO... Bella the Vampire!  She is looking pretty scary!

For the trailer of this movie and my "oh so subtle" thoughts about Jacob and Edward check out my other blog... my bloggings about my obession with Young Adult Books!
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Julie Taylor said...

I'm so glad you have something to cheer you up and look forward to during this time of year! Love you! Happy Birthday! MOM

Nancy said...

I agree with Mom. I think it's great that you are enjoying your books and movies... especially this time of year!

Happy Birthday sis! Love you!