Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Remember the 80's? Remember doing the Jane Fonda Workout?  My mom and I did this every morning during the summer.  I was a cheerleader and thought it kept me in good shape in preperation for the school year.  I even used part of it as a warm up with my squad.  Those were the days!  Awww, to be young, skinny, and flexible again!  I do remember taking an oath, almost daily back then, that I would NEVER EVER gain weight.  I would always workout and keep myself thin.

HA!!!  Little did I know what each pregnancy, each child, would do to me physically, mentally, and especially emotionally.  When you are an emotional eater such as I, that pretty much is all I have done is eat to make up for the emotional stress that has come from 4 boys!  Not to mention the whole "cancer journey" and grief added on a TON of weight as well.

Not sure where my little sister got her genes from, but she doesn't eat when she is distraught. She works out and keeps herself busy, therefore burning more calories.  So jealous of that!  I get depressed and find some chocolate of any kind, but preferably BLUE BIRD Chocolates that are handmade here in our little Cache Valley.  Somehow, nibbling on those oober-rich, soft, sweet morsels and letting each bite melt between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, actually melts away my sorrows.  It is quite an experience.  Too bad it has such horrible side effects... such as an expanding waistline... I haven't seen mine in quite a few years... sigh.

So back to my main thought... Oh look , something shiny!!... Oh yeah, I was going somewhere with this.  Ummm... Oh right!  I WENT TO THE GYM TODAY!   I also took a nice walk with John yesterday.  So hopefully this is my start (again)to getting my life back.

 Here is my new motto:  "I am either going to die young or kill myself trying not to!"

It's all in the fight!  So here we go.  Jane Fonda... eat your heart out!!


Mary Russotto said...

You go girl!! Karen I had all of the Jane Fonda Step Aerobic videotapes! Back in high school my lunch consisted of a hot pretzel and a TAB (remember when TAB was the only diet cola?)

I was not a cheerleader but I was a skinny minny who thought she was fat at 117 lbs and ALWAYS on a diet. Now, well I really am fat and have consoled myself with food for too long! I'm with you girl! Lets shed this weight and lighten up our lives! love ya!

Amie said...

I am an emotional eater and my skinny, skinny Mom does just the opposite. When she's sad, she doesn't eat... she just works harder than usual. What the?!?! I'm supposed to be at the gym right now, but I just. couldn't. do it. :) Tomorrow is another day.

Julie Taylor said...

You go girl! Love you! I know you'll feel better. MOM