Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Did you realize that in a few weeks (this month) it will be Easter? Boy it sure doesn't feel like it! We still have about a foot of snow on the ground and more coming down right now. So look what my dear, sweet, loving husband brought me to help us all feel the Spring and get in the Easter Spirit. It has been a long winter. We have had snow on the ground constantly since right after Thanksgiving. We did get up to 46 degrees the other day, but when there is no grass nor flowers, its hard to believe that Easter is only 3 weeks away! Who planned that one?? We already feel like hunting down that groundhog as it is, but what happened to having Easter in April? At least I can deal with that a little better. Plus, the boys are supposed to start soccer soon... mmmm
maybe in their snowsuits! I think that would be just lovely! I really don't think it will be starting as soon as everyone thinks. I am not looking forward to sitting out in freezing cold weather watching my little boys freeze!! Oh well, the joys of living in Utah. I do love snow and the seasons. This one has just been a long one. Maybe this summer won't be too hot, and we will get a lot of rain. AAhhhhh, that sounds great to me.
Well, in other news, Marcus's bloodtest results came back that all his hormone levels are normal! That is amazing!!! Especially the fact that he had radiation right on his pituitary gland, plus all that chemo and his levels are great! That is nice to know, but now we are back to square one.... what is causing his knee pain? I guess we will have to go to an orthopedic doc and maybe they can figure it out. I just hate to see him have to deal with more pain. I know, we have been soooo sooo blessed! I am soooo excited that he is doing so well, I hate to even complain. A part of me just wants to leave him alone and let him have a short rest from Doctors right now. His next MRI is next month so maybe we will wait until then and if he is still in pain, then we will go from there. He doesn't complain too much and he is taking celebrex which seems to help. He is doing better emotionally as well. He came home from his last day of the trimester and was sitting in his room reading a paper. I went in and asked him what he was reading. He looked at me and said... I can't believe this. It was our last day in seminary and everyone wrote something about each person. Almost every single person wrote of how much He had strengthened their testimonies and what an amazing person he is. Some wrote about how his experiences that he shared, gave them strength and a stronger testimony. He just beamed! He said he had no idea that anyone felt this way about him. That next sunday, he got up and bore his Testimony for the first time since we moved here, and did it with such confidence and surety. I am so proud of him. He will be receiving his Patriarchal Blessing on the 16th of March, and I think I am more excited than anyone else. I remember when I received mine, it was so awesome! I know he will have the same experience.

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Nancy said...

Those lilies are beautiful! I really like the way the 2nd picture turned out. I've been trying out taking pictures at different angles too.

I'm with you, what ever happened to having Easter in April? Of course I don't have the snow here... whatever that snow stuff is that you speak of... LOL But hey, at least I will be enjoying spring-type weather at Easter time. Hopefully it won't be 90° yet. ;)

I'm glad that Marcus's blood tests came back ok but then again, it's very puzzling why he is having the pain. I agree with you about giving him a break from doctors. Is that what he wants to do?

I'm so glad that he had such a great experience with the Seminary kids. I'm glad they were able to let him know what an inspiration he is to them. I wish I could have heard his testimony - I'm tearing up just thinking about it. I'm sure his patriarchal blessing is going to be so awesome.

I'm proud of him - and I'm proud of YOU. My little sister... the one who used to start something and then get me into trouble. LOL You are such a good mom to all your boys and such a great wife to your husband. Oh, and you are also a really cool sister, too. ;)

Keep blogging... it feels like we don't live quite so far apart when I get to read what you write.

Your favorite blogging sister.