Thursday, March 06, 2008

Someone found my camera!

Notice anything similar between these 2 pictures? Yeah, its our "big-nose pup" Mr. Jackson. He is quite the stinker. I had to delete the pictures of the dark living room, the t.v. and the pile of dirty laundry. I love digital camera's, I used to spend so much money on a roll of film only to find a few pictures of the walls or of the floor. This way I can delete a few of the ones that are a waste and keep the cute ones. Our Jackson sure keeps our life interesting. He told Noah the other day that our family was going to have a new baby, Noah asked him how he knew that and his response was... duh, look at Dads tummy. NICE! At least it wasn't me, THIS time! Gotta love 'em. He sure wears me out on some days, but most of the time I just love his out look on life. He keeps me laughing, giving me wrinkles and lots of gray hair.


Nancy said...

hehehe! I wonder if John's "baby" will be born the same time as Karl's. LOL!

He is a cutie!

gaohui said...

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