Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Just wondering if anyone had a large object that scrapes boys off the ceilings? After a day of candy from the Easter Bunny, I need something to bring my kids down to a safe level without the grumpiness side-effects. Jackson especially! He is literally climbing everything he can and running around like a mad man... well, more so than usual. He keeps asking for more and more to the point that I think he would eat straight from the sugar bowl if I let him. Who invented the Easter Bunny anyway? Oh, but now days, people are getting ipods, dvds, game systems etc. Whatever!! Even though I complain about the candy, that is ridiculous. Just another day to spoil our kids... not us! They are lucky if they get a chocolate bunny. Its bad enough to find things for their birthdays and Christmas, so lets not go adding on to the list. What comes next? An iphone under the pillow from the toothfairy? Geesh! Thats a lot of baby teeth to be buying for. Seriously, I have heard of some people giving their kids $5, $10/ tooth! Heck, I would yank out all my teeth for that price! ok, off my soap box.

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Nancy said...

Well, the Easter Bunny didn't even come to our house! We went to grandma & grandpa Jensen's house on Saturday for dinner. Gma Jensen had bought plastic eggs and put candy in them. Karl and his dad hid the eggs outside while the kids were in the house. They knew who was hiding the eggs (although my kids are a big older than yours). We had dinner after finding the eggs and went home. The Easter Bunny didn't even bring anything to our house the next day. Fortunately Grandma didn't buy very much candy for each kid.

On Sunday Karl took the boys to church and I stayed home with Jess. She over did it on Saturday... just hunting for eggs for a few minutes gave her a massive headache and she had a very rough night that night. She and I slept most of the day.

I could/would NEVER give gifts like an ipod for Easter. My kids don't even get the real deal... they get cheaper MP3 players for Christmas or birthdays. Some people just spoil their kids too much - and usually end up getting too far into debt doing it.

OK, I'm off my soap box too. In fact, put it away before someone gets hurt. ;)