Thursday, March 06, 2008


Noah has been struggling with his reading for a little while now, so we decided to take him to get his eyes checked. Sure enough, the little man has to have reading glasses. His left eye is normal and his right one is the one that can't see very well. He doesn't have to wear them unless he is doing schoolwork or reading. The first few days he had them, he broke the reading groups "speed" record. He sure was proud of that. We were pretty worried about his reading, but hopefully this will help him a lot. He picked them out himself. They are "Garfield glasses" and came with a case that is furry and looks like Garfield. It is amazing how they make things look so cute. When we were picking out his glasses, he pointed to some and said... those look just like Chloe's glasses. I thought that was cute that he would remember what her glasses look like. He is quite the ladies man ,you know. After all, his best friends are girls.


Nancy said...

He looks so grown up in those glasses! What a handsome young man he is turning out to be! And how awesome that he can read better with them on. Join our club! Justen, Jessica and Brandon all wear glasses and now he does too. :)

Stacie said...

chloe will love that she has a glasses buddy! She loves her glasses, probably cause she finally could see!

Anonymous said...

We like boys in glasses! Just a note...I notice that one of the songs on your play list is from Jimmy Eat World. Did you know that Jim Atkins is one of Kristi's friends that she hangs out with all the time?
It goes back to her girl band era. She also hangs out with his wife and kids. Hang in there, ya'all.

gaohui said...

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