Thursday, April 17, 2008

Changing again....

I knew this would be a long process, but we are now trying medicine #4 on Marcus. Tonight he will start a new medicine that is given for seizures and for aggressive behaviors. It has to be monitored by blood tests, that I am sure Marcus will NOT want to do. Just trying to get Marcus to do anything right now is painful because we know he isn't going to do it or out comes the bouts of anger and "tantrums". I have to coax him to take any kind of medicines, so I won't tell him about the blood tests until he is on this for a while and if it is working, maybe he will feel better about things! YEAH RIGHT! The Dr. did give a good point though, he said he doesn't act this way at school, only at home, so that means he is able to control it. So not sure what is going on in that head, but all I know is that I can't take it anymore. We just made an appointment for him to see a Therapist who has dealt with children with cancer.
I think all tensions are on the rise because Marcus's MRI is on tuesday next week. Things always seem to get bad before that. We call it PMS... Pre-MRI-Syndrome.
ON A GOOD NOTE... This saturday is Marcus's VFW party and the whole family is going! Even Uncle Marty who will be here. I was hoping that Marcus would be more excited about it, but he doesn't really seem THAT excited. BUT..... instead of a Black Hawk Helicopter, they were able to get Marcus and his Scout troop and Leaders on a KC-135/refuler! On may 14th, they will go up and be there while they refuel some A-10's!!!! I tell you, I have never seen so many MEN (leaders) get so excited in my life. It will be a GREAT TIME!!

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