Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Changing meds...

Well, the first medication Marcus was on, didn't work at all. All it did was make him tired which in turn made him grumpy! NOT GOOD. So yesterday he started the second option. He said it made him really tired, but he hasn't been sleeping much so I am wondering if it is both things. I am hoping that the meds will help him sleep as well.
In good news... I got a phone call from Make-A-Wish and they gave me a phone number of a woman who found out about Marcus and wanted to do something for him. She is a manager of a "Cantina" (yes, it is a bar!) but it is a military bar and a customer of hers works for MAW. When they found out that there was a kid that loves the military they decided they wanted to do something fun for him. They are having a birthday party for their "group" (can't remember the name of it, sorry) but they want to invite Marcus, John and I to it. They might be able to come pick us up in a military HUMVEE! They want to present Marcus with a Veterans flag and a Generals Coin, plus give him lots of other cool things. They are looking into getting him a chance to ride in a Black Hawk helicopter! This sounds go great and the woman and her co-workers are so excited to do something for him.
Now a dilemma, this will be 3 things that Marcus will be doing in the next months. The other boys, Aaron especially gets very jealous and I agree, it would be hard to watch your brother get to do all these things. So John and I are trying to think of something we can do that is special with Aaron. He is still rebelling and not wanting to do his homework. He doesn't do any homework, but aces the tests! So I know he needs some special attention. We are thinking that maybe we could take him to Salt Lake and spend the night, taking him out to do some fun stuff. Maybe a Bees' game (baseball) or maybe even a Jazz game. We are still working on it, so we will see what happens.
Uncle Marty (John's sisters husband) is coming out next week from Maryland. He has never been to Utah so he is excited to see the great outdoors here. Hopefully it will stop snowing by then! It will be fun to have him here and hang out with the boys.

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