Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ok, latest picture!

Well, after running into Allison at Walmart, she mentioned that there wasn't a picture of myself on my blog, which never really donned on me. So Here I am. A rotten picture and yes, I have gained weight. This is clipped out of John's Family Picture that we took in Arizona back in November. I have lost a little weight since then, but I have not been able to find a picture other than this one. So, there you go. OH, and for those of you who don't know, next to me is John, my dear sweet husband of 17 years! Gosh, if anything this will get me motivated to loss some poudidge, if that is a So while I was at Walmart I purchased a whole new pilates workout with all the fixen's. The weather is finally getting warm enough that I can probably start walking in the mornings or evenings. I really should blow this picture up and have it where I can look at it everday to motivate me!!
So there you go, Allison. Now that you already know what I look like, here I am... in my full glory.


Nancy said...

Oh, you look SO CUTE!!! You look like me! LOL! If you lose too much weight, you won't look like me anymore, you'll look like Alice. OK, so that is a good reason to lose weight, huh? Who wouldn't want to look like skinny Alice? haha! I'm gonna have to lose more weight too.

But that really is a cute picture of you and John. :)

alligood said...

Now, just think, if you had posted this last week, I might have been following YOU in Wal-Mart to introduce myself. :-) It was really nice to meet you and to put a face with such a great part of my support network!


Karen said...

YUP, I am a stalker, you caught me. Sorry if I freaked you out too bad. It was great meeting you as well.

Anonymous said...

HI! I like you anyway you look, and I'll always know who you are! But I do know that you feel better losing weight and walking etc. I can hardly wait until it is warm enought to swim! My favorite thing to do! Love, MOM

gaohui said...

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