Sunday, April 27, 2008

Night at the VFW...

We had a wonderful time at the VFW, and the night was just great! They treated us like royalty! We started out the night meeting the Hummer at the Hill AFB museum, where Uncle Marty, Aaron and Marcus got to ride to Salt Lake in the loud, crammed, non-airconditioned Hummer. The word Marty used was "industrial". They took pictures and video of Marcus driving up and getting out. We all went in and met lots of wonderful people who do so much for others. They introduced Marcus and started giving him so many gifts and making him feel like "part of the military". He received both air-force and army "honorary" dog tags with his name on them, a veteran's flag, and a special "generals coin" that a high-ranked officer gave to him. She told him that is was given to her by someone (who was in the first infantry division and first ones into Bagdad) to give to someone she sees doing a good deed, being courageous, or brave. It was a really neat thing.

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