Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back from Camp.

Aaron and Marcus made it through the week and are so glad to be back in their own beds. Although I think Marcus would have liked to stay longer. I heard the food there was awesome, matresses, showers, the works... oh, and GIRLS! I heard that the nurses were "hot" and that Marcus looked forward to go to the infirmary to get his meds every night. Yeah, I don't think forgetting his pills was a problem! haha. He did say that camp was AWESOME and he has to go next year for sure! He came home singing camp songs, had some arts and crafts he had made, and told me about the pranks they and the girls did to each others cabins. Of course he had to tell me all about them over and over again. ( I find that when he is excited about something, he has a hard time focusing on how many times he repeats himself.) He admitted to me that while they were playing basketball that the ball bounced off the metal backboard and hit him in the head (in the part where his skull was cut), but said he felt nothing and that he felt fine. He said he did have one incident where he stormed off when they were playing some games, but a friend there made an effort to go over and calm him down. So, I guess he is OK. After a week of Marcus being gone, I was so used to the "stress-free" zone I was in. Marcus came home anxious to play with his younger brothers, to my surprise. That was great until today when they were playing Game Cube so great then... BAM... Marcus smacks Jackson for something dumb like not playing the game "right". (SIGH) Times like these, I just know he really is trying to be nice then he just snaps.

Aaron had a great time, even though he came home with cuts, scrapes, bruises from games, hikes, and just being Aaron. He has grown up so much! He is over an inch taller than me and I have had to buy MENS clothes for him now! EEEKKK!! He needs to get a job to pay for all of the stuff he wants, too bad he's the not the one who is 17. He came home pretty stinky, dirty, tired but worn out from FUN. He has really blossomed into a fine-looking boy, full of mischief, and of course, a great sense of humor. He has made so many friends, it is so great to see him so full of life. I love to watch him, he reminds me of myself at that age, a little. He is a little more outgoing, but I sure got silly and knew how to have a good time. I made sure it was a good time. Aaron has finally gotten to that point through all this crap he has had to deal with, and I am so happy for him. He is determined to have fun, no matter what and that is important.

Aaron leaves for New York (Chautauqua) on tuesday, and his birthday is on Saturday! I can't believe that I am not going to be with him to light fireworks with him on his B-day! He will be gone until the 15th, spending time with Grand-Pop and Ali. He is looking forward to some bonding with them and some good fishing! I am sure they will keep him pretty busy, I sure am jealous! I really hate to see him leave again, but he will have a great time, I am sure.

P.S. Kung-Fu Panda was Awesome! SKUDOOSH! The boys all loved it.

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