Monday, June 02, 2008

Jackson finishes Kindergarten!!

Here is a little brief synopsis of Jacksons year of Kindergarten. This picture is Jackson on his first day of school. What a smile. I can only imagine what is going through that head of his. I imagine he is planning his first escape. Little does "Miss Melanie" know who has just entered her doors.
He did think he could come and go as he pleased. He really liked going on little walks, or going to get water and to the restroom without letting anyone know. One day he went to school with pink-eye (yeah, I know... what a GREAT MOM). Miss Melanie sent him to the office to call me or John and let us know that we need to pick him up. After about 15 minutes Jackson comes back in and announces... "my pink eye is gone". Come to find out he just went on a little "walk about" and never made it to the Office.
This is Jackson on Valentines day. What a "playa"!! Not just one girl on the holiday of Love, but 2 tall girls... one blonde, one brunette.. gotta have have it all. The look on his face says it all.
I am just kidding. I love these little girls. Kali is the brunette and her family is awesome. I am glad Jackson can have both girl and boy friends. Just hope he doesn't get involved with girls too soon!!!! I don't want to think about that now!!! SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!
These last 2 pictures are of one of their last field trips to a local dairy. I just love the faces that Jackson has in these pictures. Especially the one with him on the bus. Too cute.

What a booger!!! I just love this age. How sad that he is in the first grade now...... (cough, cough) there, I am over it... YIPPPEEE he is in first grade!


Anonymous said...

To Finish Kinder is quite a big event for Jackson! Love that Boy! The photos are darling! It's good to hear about him and his eventful year at school. Can't believe that he's going to First grade. Time goes so fast! I want it back! I'm getting too old, guess I'll go back another year on my B-day! Love ya! mom
Hang In there, Karen!

Nancy said...

WOW, Jackson is in 1st grade already? I still think of him as a "little" boy. He still is in so many ways (and he's so cute!) I remember when my "baby" started kindergarten... this year he is starting MIDDLE SCHOOL! I just don't know where the time goes.

Those pictures were really cute. Jackson is quite a character..... and apparently a lady's man too! hehe