Sunday, June 22, 2008

Going to Camp!

Tomorrow, June 22nd, both Marcus and Aaron will be going to two different camps. They (ehem...I mean "I") have been packing their stuff and getting them ready to go off for a week. I am REALLY looking forward to this week, well... for their benefit. wink wink.
Aaron will be going to a BSA, Scout camp located in Idaho called Camp Bartlett. This is some serious camping where he has to hike taking everything in one backpack, including his bedroll and sleeping bag. This will be his last year going, so he and his friends are planning some little pranks to pull on the poor little "newbies". Don't worry, a little shaving cream goes a long way with teen boys.
Marcus is going to a wonderful camp for Teens with Cancer, called Camp Hobe. If you click on the link, there is a video you can view of what it is. It looks like an awesome place that helps kids connect and feel accepted. Aaron was also invited to this camp, but decided that this is his last year at Scout Camp, so he has to go. Next year they will both be able to go to Camp Hobe. They are able to go 2 camping seasons after their last treatment and up to age 19. I hope this is what Marcus needs to go on and try to let go of all the bad stuff he has been hanging on to.
So, this week should be fun for the 2 little boys and I. We have a few things planned like going to see Kung-Fu Panda, going on a little hike, and having our own "camp out" in the living room. It will be a new experience for me to have just 2 little ones around again. It will be a nice little break from the stresses of the TEENS. Especially since the whole "girl things" are starting! (sigh) I stand by my lifetime assessment of girls... girls are mean, manipulative, and just down right cruel! Especially when we are dealing with Marcus, who emotionally is 12 or 13, so that is who he attracts. Anyway, that is a WHOLE different story! So we start the summer fun of CAMP!!!

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alligood said...

I am so happy Marcus is going to Camp Hobe. It was a FANTASTIC experience for my boys! It is full of some of the most amazing counselors and volunteers that I have ever met - really, an amazing calibur of individuals there!

Oh, and I LOVED your assessment of girls! I feel the same way! Who are all these scantily clad, giggling, mean girls?!? I used to think they were cute, but not now! Now they are THE ENEMY! :-)

Enjoy your week with your little boys. I had such a wonderful time with just my younger boys while my big boys were at camp.