Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Marcus turned 17! Wow...I can't believe he and I both made it this far! Especially with that new "do" of his. He has been wanting to cut his hair so I took him on his birthday and this is what he comes home with! Thanks Jenni! Just what are cousins for anyway? JK... He wanted to get a rise out of me, but I told him it looked great and smiled! My teeth were clenched shut, but I smiled big! This is called a "Fo-hawk". I have no idea why, but all I know is that is resembles a mo-hawk just a lot smaller. If it makes him happy, then I am too! He is a Goofy-Goober, but thats what I have missed about him for the last 8 months or so. He hasn't been the silly goofball he used to be lately, and it has been so nice to see him smile a little more and play with his brothers. He still can't find the patience for Jackson yet, but that will come with time I am sure. Maybe by the time he leaves on a mission???? Who knows. Jackson is hard to deal with at times, especially if you aren't very tolerant of noise or confusion. That is just what comes with the Jaxman.
As for Marcus, he went to the Dr. last week and they added another medicine that seems to be helping the most. Best of all, it helps him SLEEP! (clapping). He has had a hard time staying asleep and this really seems to be the answer. At first he was groggy in the morning, but now that his body is getting used to it, he is doing a lot better. He has only had one incident where he threw some ice, but other than that, the last week has been better... (knocking on wood).

Ok... I HAVE to throw in a story about Jackson. Yesterday while John was trying to make Jackson get dressed for church, Jackson told John "I wish I had fur". John thought that was odd so he asked him why. Jackson then replied.."so I wouldn't have to get dressed, I could just wear my fur everywhere". We cracked up. Leave it to Jackson to come up with an alternative!

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Nancy said...

Hey sis,
You did a great job hiding your FEAR of the Fo-Hawk! hehe... I'm so glad to hear that Marcus is doing better and smiling more. I'm glad he is sleeping and that he is doing better on his meds.

(((Hugs))) to you!

Jackson is hilarious! I ALMOST like his fur idea - except that it would be awfully hot here in AZ during the summer - like tomorrow - it's supposed to be 107! Don't you miss it? LOL