Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am an Aunt.... AGAIN!


Don't ask me how many times, but each time it is exciting. I love being the Aunt. Alice, my baby sister just had her 4th baby on July 10th. His name is Joseph Hyrum Vivaldo, 8lbs, 3 0z. What a cutie! I just wanna hold him sooooo bad! But, I can't....they live in Tucson, Az and I just cannot make it down there to see him anytime soon. I have been wanting to smell that baby so bad!!!! He has those cute little rolls that my babies, (except Noah) had. I feel the need to do some nibblin' so bad!


Nancy said...

Hey.... that's MY baby sister and MY nephew! LOL

I don't mean to brag, but I got to hold him, kiss him, smell him.... he is soooooo cute and sweet! Are you jealous? GOOD! So now you have to find a way to come and see him. hehe

Love, your mean 'ol sister,
unfortunately that "'ol" does stand for OLD. lol

Karen said...

Yes, you are mean! =oP Rub IT IN!

Karen said...


Nancy said...

hehe... Oh well, I may be OLD but you aren't far behind me! Muwahahahaha!

alligood said...

What a SWEET baby! Jake is already losing that new baby smell and it makes me so sad.

I also enjoy being the aunt. It's so fun! Warren always says I can embrace the aunt role and spoil my neices and nephews (okay, mostly my neices..... I have a ruffle-bum tight weakness!) because it's WAY cheaper than if we had our own daughter to spoil! :-)


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